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Buyer’s Guide for Best Laptops 2020

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Choosing a new laptop for your profession is always fulfilling, the excitement and the thought that you will have a reliable machine to help you in accomplishing objectives is immeasurable.

But, it all boils down to speed, battery life, portability, display, processor, and most of all the size of storage. 

To save your time in searching for the ideal laptop tailored for your need, we rounded up a compelling list of laptops intended for each respected profession. 

Best Laptops for Business

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 

If you’re always on the go and online meetings keep you busy all the time, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the perfect machine for you with its battery life that will last up to 15.5 hours. This machine is built with 256G storage that comes with either 8GB and 16GB the choice is yours, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI port, microSD slot. 

Lenovo makes it a point that presenting your business deserves to be seen with its whooping 14-inch and 2560 x 1440 pixels IPS anti-glare touchscreen display. Not to mention it was built with Intel Core i5 which is good if you’re after the performance and speed for your heavy workload. 

The price range starts at $1,599.99

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 

For a more versatile machine, you can never go wrong with Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. Running an e-commerce business, financial, digital marketing and SEO brand that requires you massive hours of doing business, this machine will never fail you like the applications installed in this model load faster than you can imagine. Armed with 8th Gen CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU, users can expect fewer to zero slowdowns even when running more demanding programs to it. 

What makes Dell XPS 15 as one of the hybrids and best laptops for business? You can control your playlist and online streaming even with heavy background noises, and it can respond to you even if you’re 14 feet away from it, thanks to its four built-in mics as well as it is packed with Microsoft Cortana and Waves-enabled technology. 

The price range starts at $2,598.90

Best Laptops for Web Developer

Dell Precision 15

Made for extreme work demand, as a website developer you’d definitely want to have this to increase your productivity rate and ease your worries away when it comes to security. This includes an optimizer that has the capability to learn the behavior of the users, which of the applications are mostly used, identify them and find better optimization opportunities to avoid lagging problems. One of the best things about Dell Precision 15 would be its Hello fingerprint reader feature that ensures that it will always be and only you that can have access to your work, especially if you mostly stay in a co-working space with tons of other professionals seeking for a quieter place to accomplish their tasks. Compared to other laptops, this machine’s camera shutter enables you to manually close the shutter if you’re not comfortable with video conference or open it whenever necessary. 

The price range starts at $2,999.11

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 

Elegant look, designed with lightweight and perfectly fits inside your bag, built with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core processor are some of the best highlights of Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. The website developer will no longer have to find power sockets all the time just to accomplish projects as the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 battery life can last up to 14.5 hours even when you prefer to work while listening or take some break and do online streaming for a while. Made for multitasking, Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 enables you to either convert or import at least 10 photos in as fast 11 seconds. 

The price range starts at $849

Best Laptops for Video Editor

Apple MacBook Pro 15 MPTR2LL

Have you always experience waiting for hours just to render a 30-minute video? That won’t be the same with Apple MacBook Pro MPTR2LL that can render even three-dimensional models, import huge files, launch multiple apps in a blink of an eye. If you are wondering what are the specs of Apple MacBook Pro MPTR2LL, the details are as follows:

  • 2,8GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 processor that offers you Turbo boost until 3.8GHz
  • 16GB RAM/256GB SSD
  • Resolution is 2880×1800 pixels 
  • Memory speed of 2133MHz

Price range starts at $2,048

Asus ROG G703

Considered as the best desktop replacement, this provides you with power output and connects it with two 4k monitors without sacrificing a full HD. ASUS ROG G703 promises you agile performance with its 9th Gen i9-8950HK processor in which by the way if you are still unaware of it, the 9th gen is the fastest among the Intel mobile processor lineup. ASUS ROG G703 is absolutely top of the line and most outrageous in ASUS laptops, aside from its features that make it the perfect machine for video editors, this model is also ideal for gamers, built with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 you can never go wrong. 

The price range starts at $2,595

If you think your current laptop can still provide the performance you need for the tasks, and buying a new machine is not an option for you as of the moment, it’s practical to invest in a computer repair shop. The computer repair shop will definitely ease your worries when your laptop started to slow down, its employees are highly-skilled and can offer you rates tailored for your budget without breaking the bank. 

Final Thoughts

In any case, your laptop shows early signs of defects, it’s highly recommended to seek help from professional or visit a computer repair shop in San Antonio.

Neglecting these signs will only worsen the damage, the scope and duration for inspection will take time.

Just a quick tip, when looking for computer repair services, always choose a professional team that can handle even virus removal, data recovery, and highly-adept in upgrading your machines. So, you can always go back to them whenever problems occur on your laptop, it’s always best to trust the same team.

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