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Top 3 best laptops for under $600 in 2020

What would be your expectation from the laptop if you have made a mind to buy a laptop under 600 dollars?  The laptop could manage many tasks, the laptop must have a lot of specifications and qualities, and the laptop should look good. The expectations of all the features are understandable for a person who is buying a laptop and spending 600 dollars on it. The laptops are called all-purpose laptops at Laptop under Budget, as the laptops can manage … Read more

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What are the most important specs for a gaming laptop?

Desktops have remained the top most used during gaming sessions. However, having something portable is a bit comfortable and what every gamer needs. The power to carry it around and play your games in a small size is worth a dime. While buying a laptop, specs are very vital to consider in serving your needs. Here are some of the essential specs that every gamer should look into while purchasing the best value gaming laptop for the best experience during … Read more


CHUWI UBook 11.6 Inch Windows 10 Tablet, Intel Gemini Lake N4100 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

CHUWI UBook equipped with an 11.6 inch full laminated IPS display, with resolution 1920×1280 and aspect ratio 16:9, it brings you an extra clear and vivid visual experience. This 2 in 1 tablet comes with 8GB RAM+256GB high-speed SSD, up to 5 times faster than original eMMC storage. Moreover, you can expand the storage via the TF card slot. The tablet PC was designed with the U-shaped kickstand(0°-150°) and a full-size keyboard and HiPen H3, 1096 levels of stylus pressure. … Read more

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Laptops 2020

Choosing a new laptop for your profession is always fulfilling, the excitement and the thought that you will have a reliable machine to help you in accomplishing objectives is immeasurable. But, it all boils down to speed, battery life, portability, display, processor, and most of all the size of storage.  To save your time in searching for the ideal laptop tailored for your need, we rounded up a compelling list of laptops intended for each respected profession.  Best Laptops for … Read more


Best Laptop Stands

Sitting up straight or standing is a great way to increase your balance when using a laptop, but this can also lead to awkward use of your computer. Laptop stalls are a great way to solve this problem as they allow you to lift your machine above your desk. Best Laptop Stand: AOOU The AOOU Laptop Stand is the overall best laptop stand you can get onto the market right now, as it provides at an excellent price almost everything … Read more

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How to Clean Your Laptop Inside

You may be one of those people who may clean the outside portion of their laptops from time to time. When was the last time that you have cleaned the inside portion of your laptop though? The inside portion of your laptop will become dusty and dirty over time. If you want your laptop to last longer, you need to make an effort to clean it. You will be surprised with the difference that this will make. The Process to … Read more

Rugged Laptop vs Regular Laptop

Rugged Laptop vs Regular Laptop – What is the Difference?

If you need a computer in the field, whether you’re supporting commercial operations, working at an industrial site, or providing security or law enforcement related services, then you know the anxiousness that goes with sending an expensive piece of tech out into the wild. From careless users to the dust, wind, and rain it’s likely to encounter, there are plenty of everyday threats that can end your laptop or tablet’s service life early. When you factor in the accidents and … Read more