Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 was a great and one of the best tablet of its time, but now as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has got its place, its ruling time is nearly at an end.

The new Surface Pro runs cooler and very slightly quicker, too.

Because Microsoft has put a slightly larger 12.3inch display along with a higher resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 and includes the advanced Intel Skylake processors.

Microsoft calls it “the tablet that can replace your laptop”.It’s indeed.

That can, not will. If you are up to buying a laptop, you should buy a laptop. If you were to buy an iPad, you can also go for that too. While reviewing it on Toptrustedreview, we have found that  Surface Pro 3 is not actually an accurate replacement for anyone.Whatever you buy , choose wisely to avoid any kind of lose. It’s something more than you can think. Something different than you can imagine.

Both the software and hardware makers and developers are claiming that this new  Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft, with it’s new and mind-blowing features and specs,  will satisfy people of all level equally. It makes anyone feel like they are at home watching a movie or reading a book while they are editing video footage or drafting your fiction.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

This time, Microsoft tried it’s best and worked hard to keep the design thinner and lighter than the previous models. Weighing 800g, (Without the keyboard) it may be lighter than any other laptops in this class, but it’s not that much light in tablet terms.

The Surface Pro 2 is also 107g weigher than this one. Even, attached with the keyboard, it doesn’t cross 1.08kg. That’s also as same as the 11-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Air is  300g less than Surface Pro 3.

An interesting feature that differentiates the Surface Pro 3 from the other devices out there is the integrated pen that you can use, in case you don’t feel like touching the screen. The pen has quite interesting features, such as note-taking. For example, once you take it and tap on the screen with it, the OneNote application will start initially.

If you want to save everything you have drawn and upload it instantly on the OneDrive – don’t worry – just double click on the screen and the device will do it for you. There are lots of great features that the pen has, but we will leave them aside for now because we know there are lots of people who will actually not use the pen.

With a wink and a nod, Microsoft claims this new Surface Pro design not be exactly fanless, but it might as well be. The reason is the new system and internals are designed in partnership with Intel, allows the system to both in ultra-low-voltage Core i3 or i5 CPUs and  Core i7 ones. A slim, quiet fan moving and supplying air while needed. This fan doesn’t make a sound like any kind of telltale or like whirring.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The new Surface Pro 3, this midrange model made with an Intel Core i5 CPU, felt enough cool while in the testing on our hand, but we also felt the presence of an audible fan. So, we can not tell that this one is kinda fan-less like.

Despite the talk of this being the thinnest Intel Core i-series device to date, it still doesn’t feel quite as thin and ethereal as, for example, the iPad Air.

But, it’s larger 12-inch screen made in a thinner body, gives it a more and higher feel than not only Surface Pro but also Surface Pro 2.

None of the previous models of Microsoft get this kind of big screen.

They were like 10.6-inch screen and 13mm thick . And the original display size was 10.8inch by 6.8inch.

Finally, Surface Pro 3 is 11.5 inch by 7.9inch.

But, this time, this versions thickness drops impressively on 9.1mm. The Pro 3 is also a tad lighter than its predecessor: 800 grams versus 900. After all, if you are on to buy a larger screen device, this model can be the first choice.

The Surface Pro 3 is the flagship device of Microsoft’s Surface species. It’s not only the bigger but also the pricier brother to the recent Surface 3.

This new version, with the 12-inch display, comes with an Intel Core processor, extreme SSD and lot more feature anyone would definitely like

But, after all of these a question remains unasked, can this new Surface Pro 3 make it to Microsoft’s claim “the tablet can replace your laptop”?

Actually, this is now competing with not only other laptops with its Windows PC version but also competing with iPad Pro.

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  1. If Surface pro 3 is this much good why not the pro 6 has been given that much power?

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