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What is Gamification in HR Software, and How Will It Help You?

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The childhood memories of all the individuals have one thing in common: the games they played. Whether played individually or in a group, they have been implicit ways of instilling fundamental values of life without bothering with large lectures.

We can also note down the use of the survival skills in these games evidently being used as game parameters. All of them contribute to the development of individuals, and the same concept is being considered a breakthrough for human resource management.

On the other hand, we also know that businesses are always struggling on all fronts of employee engagement as a result of the changes in individual preferences regarding career choices, a declining period of service among the newer generations, and overall volatility of the market when it comes to the demand of products and services. This requires the companies to exhibit higher employee engagement rates and increase their engagement with the company to ensure optimal product output. This opportunity can be seized by implementing HR Software solutions with embedded gamification.

The Basics of Gamification: What it Means as Management Theory and How it Affects the Business?

The use of the elements resembling a game environment in a non-game environment is the entire concept of gamification explained in a nutshell. We shall use this concept for the work profiles exhibiting a high frequency of repetitiveness, monologues working patterns, and lower dynamic changes in the operating procedures in order to increase engagement by adding elements of ‘unpredictability’ and ‘reward’ in the old processes. Gamification focuses on utilizing the biochemistry of the human mind. Interlining these prospectus behavioral traits and counter rewards, the company can help motivate the staff to work with higher enthusiasm along with increasing their satisfaction levels. Increased job satisfaction is one of the quintessential outcomes of this next-generation management theory.

Identify the Work Profiles and use Employee Transactions to Implement Gamification:

There are a lot of work profiles that require the employees to work in a highly predictable manner identified by using the database provided by the Performance Management System. These profiles are studied to find areas requiring motivation, and game-like elements are added. For instance, the data entry work is analyzed by the system to generate a specified pattern. The files containing a particular word as a part of its name are to be identified by the employee, and the total number of such records are to be submitted, or certain unique words in data are to be counted as a part of the game. The points are allocated for accuracy, and the achievement of points enables rewards. These rewards can be in the form of discount vouchers, canteen vouchers, extra leaves as per the company policy, or direct cash awards to motivate the employees. The use of badges, trophies, and recognition certificates is also an effective manner to influence the entire staff. 

Improve Employee Experience through Behavioral Incentivization and Positive Recognition:

Employees who get positive identification in the presence of an entire team or department feel valued by their employers. While these activities cost a little to the company, it has tremendous emotional value for the employees, and long-term engagement is benefited immensely. As the employees get recognized for their behavioral patterns, the work culture is transformed into a better and healthier one because of incentivization. The qualities such as transparency, team spirit, team building, talent nurturing, and peer recognition will expand the company’s reach to the staff on all levels with minimum investment, and the cloud hr software will make the process close-looped. The effects can be actually measured to check the effectiveness of gamification.

The employers concerned over the low productivity of the staff shall be aware of the hidden risks associated with the low engagement of the employees for the business in the long term scenario. The profitability of the company relies on how the staff members work, and using gamification will be a significant breakthrough for employers. They can get the entire workforce on their toes without compelling them with cumbersome rules and regulations or affecting their labor relations in any way.

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