What is GIG Economy How it is Influencing the Payroll Processing

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What is GIG Economy?  The economy is booming very much in this era around the world. This is expected, to some degree, to the commonness of transient contracts and independent work. In the present gig economy, transitory, adaptable occupations are typical and organizations incline toward procuring self-employed entities and consultants rather than full-time employees. Twenty to thirty-year-olds, specifically, grasp independent task-based occupations and this pattern is set to rise much more as more Millennials and telecommuters enter the workforce.  How … Read more

Move from yearly to Continuous Evaluation with Performance Management System

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Most of the businesses follow the traditional year-end review system where an entire evaluation of an employee’s work is done during a one to one meeting session ranging roughly from half an hour to a couple of hours. This whole system leads to subsequent organizational problems acting in a domino’s effect manner. Most of the academic institutions have adopted the use of continuous performance evaluation models for better feedbacks. The industry is also focusing on implementing this method in the … Read more

How to Leave Encasement Works. How to Manage Effectively using Leave Management Solution


What does a Leave Management System Comprise of? We realize that overseeing leave can be an especially cumbersome and confusing assignment for directors, who are left to swim through accumulation estimations and manual following sheets, while employees are regularly left without perceivability of the leave they are qualified for and whether they have enough leave to demand downtime. The advance system is here to allow you for the configuration of various leave types which will be served to your employees … Read more

What is Gamification in HR Software, and How Will It Help You?

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The childhood memories of all the individuals have one thing in common: the games they played. Whether played individually or in a group, they have been implicit ways of instilling fundamental values of life without bothering with large lectures. We can also note down the use of the survival skills in these games evidently being used as game parameters. All of them contribute to the development of the individuals, and the same concept is being considered as a breakthrough for … Read more

Increase Your Employee Utilization with Attendance Management Software in 2019

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Every commercial undertaking has an outlook to the achievement of its business objectives. This vision has to be translated into small fragments, and the responsibilities are allocated to the staff members as per their job profiles. The management makes a workload distribution as per the organization structure and employees in each vertical. But the availability of these staff members is also to be considered before arriving at any conclusion on the distribution of the workflow. In the managerial scope, the … Read more