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What are some helpful Travel Gadgets?

Everyone, including you, likes to travel.  After all, what is more, exciting than exploring new places?  Whether you’re backpacking up the American Rockies or taking a cruise to Tierra Del Fuego, you will need to carry some travel gadgets with you. But what are these essential travel gadgets? You will learn all about that in this article, so read further!

  • Microfilter bottle set – the ideal water purifier

This is a must-have on your travel accessories listIt filters water naturally (without the use of any chemicals).  Vapor manufactures and sells it.  This is ideal if you love to hike and backpack up to places out in the boondocks like in the remote parts of India or in the Amazon jungle in Brazil.  Obviously, clean water, something you need, is hard to come by in these places.  You can rest assured that the water you drink from this water filter system is always pure.  This water filter system uses advanced, hollow fiber membrane technology to filter out such harmful (and potentially deadly bacteria) as E-coli and cholera.  The water you drink is 99% pure!

  • Compressed towels – the ultimate space saver

Another essential item in terms of useful travel accessories is compressed towels.  Space is limited in your backpack or suitcase.  This combined with the fact that many airlines limit the size of carryon luggage and only allow a certain number of luggage pieces to be checked in makes your packing space limited.  You need space for toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, and clothes.  You do not need space for bulky towels (even if you do need towels when you travel). 

These compressed towels are the shape of a large coin and are ideal travel pieces to put in your luggage.  They are soft and specially designed for traveling.  They will expand into the shape of a regular towel after a few minutes of soaking in water.

  • Female urination device – for girls on the go who ‘gotta go’

This could easily be one of the best travel gadgets in 2019If you are a girl and you gotta ‘answer nature’s call’ when you are traveling and a toilet is nowhere to be found, this is a lifesaver.  You can easily buy Gogirl and Urnielle for as little as INR 625.  This device allows you to pee while standing up.  This is of great convenience if you have to go to the bathroom outdoors.  

The urination cup is made out of silicone and is in a cup shape to easily conform to the female anatomy.  A simple washing makes it fit for reuse.  The cup comes with a baggie for storing pee and tissue for wiping.  

  • GDTK Passport holder

If you are like most people, Amazon Prime is the go-to site for you when shopping for travel gadgets.  In fact, some of the best travel gadgets on Amazon make your life so easy when traveling that you can’t do without them.  One of these gadgets is the GDTK Passport holder.  This gadget stores your passport, credit cards, plane tickets, and business cards.  It is the perfect storage device for business people who are always traveling.  It sports a lightweight and flexible design.  The GDTK Passport holder also features RFID blocking technology to keep your personal information confidential when you travel.  The passport makes travel fun and exciting with its wide range of colors.

You probably like buying your travel gadgets online at discounted prices.  You are in luck because you can easily access websites offering travel accessories coupons.  These websites offer coupon codes on websites like and a lonely planet that sell popular and widely purchased travel accessories.  You can avail of these online coupon codes to get up to 89% off of the items on these websites.  The best part about these sites is that you can easily find the accessories you need for travel instantaneously at heavily discounted prices.  Sounds good?

Do you have a travel bug?Do you have a travel bug now that you know how easy it is to get some of the most widely used and most essential travel gadgets?  You now no longer need to worry about not being able to get the travel accessories you need the most at the last minute.  This is because all of them are available on major and minor sites online and often times at heavily discounted prices (with the usage of coupon codes)!

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