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8 Easy Tips and Gadgets for Personal Security

Personal Security Gadgets
Personal Security Gadgets

The technological advancements around us have had a significant impact on the quality of life. A look at our lifestyle reveals undeniable proof. The internet revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. However, this progress is not without its shortcomings. The internet, although useful, can be a very dark place. Therefore, personal online security has become a growing concern.

In recent years, individuals are strongly advised to practice security and safety online. Hackers are looming all over the internet looking for vulnerable targets to attack. In fact, companies have employed or consulted private security teams that can provide online security. Therefore, it goes without saying that personal online security is a must as long as you’re also on the internet. It’s not uncommon to find individuals who’ve had their social media accounts hacked.

We have identified some 8 easy tips for personal online security and a list of gadgets that can come in handy.

8 Tips for Personal Online Security

As long as you go online for whatever reason that is to work, chat or just have some fun; you’ll need to practice some personal cyber security tips to keep yourself safe.

Here are such 8 tips:

  1. Install a search protection service on your browser. Regardless of whether you’re browsing on your phone or laptop, a search protection service is necessary to keep your information safe. You can include an ID protection service to protect your documents online.
  2. Use secure messaging apps. There’s no telling who can be spying on your communication, and since it’s better to safe than sorry, you’ll need to secure your communication. The metadata generated can reveal volumes about your lifestyle.
  3. Use the best personal home security system, one that’s ideal for your lifestyle. Seal any vulnerability to prevent being hacked. Avoid having smart devices in private spaces like the bathroom and bedroom if possible. Also, always turn off the microphone when not in use.
  4. Among the first steps towards ensuring personal online security is using strong passwords for your accounts. Learn how to create strong passwords. Social media accounts are frequently hacked so have a strong password.
  5. Two-step authentication accounts. Choose to have accounts with a two-step verification process. Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail are good examples of such accounts. That way, before someone can access your account, you’ll get a notification.
  6. Stay up to date, which means installing updates especially on our PC. These updates usually come with patches to secure previous vulnerable spots.
  7. Your devices need to be secured. There are several platforms which offer some insight into securing your smartphone and other devices. Importantly, secure the webcam. Hackers have been known to use it to spy on individuals.
  8. You’ll need to minimize your online footprint. From your footprint, it’s easy to reconstruct your lifestyle which is a dangerous thing. Like         the metadata from your communication, your online footprint reveals a lot about you.

It’s important to note that personal finance security is also essential. Therefore, the devices you use for financial transactions need to be secured.

8 Gadgets That Can Provide Security and Safety

Surveillance cameras

The 8 tips are great for ensuring you exercise some personal online security. However, they may not be sufficient in providing security and safety. We have identified a list of gadgets that can come in handy.

  1. Smart router – You can use the best personal home security system, but if your network is not well secured, an intruder can easily gain control of your home.
  2. Surveillance camera – To keep tabs of your home especially when you’re not around. Some come with motion sensors.
  3. Smoke detectors – Keep yourself from the distraction and death from fires with this device.
  4. Smart lock – No authorized persons will enter your home. Some come with alarms.
  5. Video doorbell.
  6. Smart personal alarms or a tracking device. Notify your friends, neighbors or family with a single touch or push of a button.
  7. 911 emergency alert system.
  8. Smart security lighting and doormats.


In today’s world, personal online security is becoming a necessity. There are so many threats that we get exposed to, and we, therefore, need to exercise some caution. The 8 easy tips and gadgets that we have highlighted can help with that.

What other suggestions have worked for your security and safety online? Kindly share them with us.

About the author: Catherine is an expert in writing about technology and gadgets. She often covers importance of  personal security for various other industries and technological guides.

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