Key features to look for in the car rental software in 2020

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The rising urban population, the growing economy, and the increasing income have led to the booming of the car rental business. Companies want to make use of this favorable market condition for their growth, and thus, are jumping into the development of car rental software to operate their rental businesses. For the success of any car rental app, features are the key ingredients. The inclusion of essential as well as advanced features ensures the smooth operation of the app. So, here we have listed the set of key features that should be included in the car rental software developed in the coming years, especially 2020.

Tracking of rental cars: One of the primary issues in the car rental business is car theft. It can be eliminated by tracking vehicles through the integration of GPS live tracking into the car rental software. Also, the speed of the cars can be detected, helping to eliminate vehicle accidents.

Inventory management: Effective management of fleets is a must for car rental businesses, especially for the growing ones. It aids to avoid mix-up of cars booked, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Driver management: The significant advantage of car rental software is that the customers are kept aware of the drivers’ arrival time. The drivers can also locate the passengers with ease, helping them to reach the customers’ destination on time.

Real-time reporting: Businesses managing a large number of fleets find it challenging to keep a record of their cars and their operations. With car rental software on board, it becomes relatively easy to view information such as distance covered, amount billed, duty registers, chauffeur reports, etc. in real-time.

Revenue Management: Managing the income of the rental business is made simple with the advent of car rental software. The users can now view their income details from anywhere in a single sheet without any hassles. 

In-app chats/calls: Communication between drivers and passengers is vital as they help to avoid wasting time for both parties. In-app chats and calls can be enabled in the car rental software, assisting them to communicate right from the confirmation of the ride.

Payment gateway integration: Multiple payment methods can be integrated into the car rental app. It allows the users to pay using the payment mode of their convenience. Also, ensure that the payment options are free of cyberattacks, ensuring the security of these payment modes.

Paperless transactions: Tools in car rental software supports electronic billing, invoicing, and storage of business transactions, aiding businesses to go paperless. Also, all data will be secure, and the loss of information will be avoided.

With these features on board, any car rental software can top the lists in the coming years. They can either go with the development of the app from scratch or customize the readily available car rental clone apps. While the former demands a lot of time, the latter saves both time and resources. It is totally up to companies to decide on the features and the development option they want to go with, based on their business needs.

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