How to Learn Modern Greek in a Fun Way?

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In Modern Greek, many of the ancient Greek words are still used today. The grammar is much simpler than the ancient Greek and is one of the triggers for touching the ancient Greek world. Of course, Modern Greek is now used in Greece and can also be useful for interacting with strangely attractive Greeks. There is a classic Greek language. A language for honest enthusiasts. However, there are many fun and benefits to learning this language. There are many reasons … Read more

Learning Chinese-specific encoding for phonetic similarity

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Performing the mental gymnastics of making the phoenetic distinction between words and phrases such as “I’m hear” to “I’m here” or “I can’t so but tons” to “I can’t sew buttons,” is familiar to anyone who has encountered autocorrected text messages, punny social media posts and the like. Although at first glance it may seem that phonetic similarity can only be quantified for audible words, this problem is often present in purely textual spaces…. Computer Science News | Technology News … Read more

Microsoft open sources its Infer.NET machine learning framework

microsoft infernet ai framework machine learning ml - Microsoft open sources its Infer.NET machine learning framework

Microsoft appears to be in a benevolent mood after deciding to make its cross-platform machine learning framework open source. The company’s Infer.NET framework is used for model-based machine learning. It was first born at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK in 2004 and later released for academic use in 2008. Hundreds of papers have since been published using the framework across a variety of fields, everything from information retrieval to healthcare. In 2012, Infer.NET won a Patents for Humanity award for … Read more

Nvidia will open deep learning research lab in Toronto

tim gouw 280702 unsplash - Nvidia will open deep learning research lab in Toronto

Nvidia today announced plans to open an AI research in Toronto to further explore novel approaches to deep learning. The team will be led by deep learning and computer vision expert and University of Toronto assistant professor Sanja Fidler. The lab will operate out of N… VentureBeat

Machine Learning

apple - Machine Learning

With Core ML 2, you can process models faster than ever, make them smaller, and much more. And now, you can easily build and train models using the new Create ML framework, with no machine learning expertise required. Learn more about machine learning … News – Apple Developer

Three ways machine learning is revolutionising zero trust security

digital human and computer cpu 3d illustration picture id925324224 - Three ways machine learning is revolutionising zero trust security

Bottom line: Zero Trust Security (ZTS) starts with Next-Gen Access (NGA). Capitalizing on machine learning technology to enable NGA is essential in achieving user adoption, scalability, and agility in securing applications, devices, endpoints, and infrastructure. How next-gen access and machine learning enable zero trust security</str… Latest from the homepage

Master Data Management Joins the Machine Learning Party

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In a normal master data management (MDM) project, a current state business process flow is built, followed by a future state business process flow that incorporates master data management. The current state is usually ugly as it has been built piecemeal over time and represents something so onerous that the company is finally willing to do something about it and inject master data management into the process. Many obvious improvements to process come out of this… Gigaom

Applying machine learning to challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

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MIT continues its efforts to transform the process of drug design and manufacturing with a new MIT-industry consortium, the Machine Learning for Pharmaceutical Discovery and Synthesis. The new consortium already includes eight industry partners, all major players in the pharmaceutical field, including Amgen, BASF, Bayer, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Sunovion, and WuXi. A large number of these have a research presence in Cambridge or the surrounding areas, allowing for close cooperation and the cr… MIT News – Electrical engineering and computer … Read more