Fitness Bands vs Smart Watches

Fitness Bands vs Smart Watches

Which Should You Buy?

With the constant breakthroughs and steady increase in technological innovations, it is no doubt that technology is the future. Especially with highly practical gadgets like smartwatches and fitness bands that help improve quality of life, it would only make sense to invest in tech that can change your life. Of course, this means understanding the investment and learning exactly how smartwatches and fitness bands work and how they can be of benefit to one’s life.

Should You Buy a Smartwatch or Fitness Band?

Smartwatches and fitness bands can appear very similar in appearance and design, but these two gadgets have their differences, which are mostly in their general purpose and target consumers. Although it can be somewhat difficult to distinguish the difference between the two, each offers a unique set of benefits and features.

Fitness Band

A fitness band is essentially a wristband for health and fitness. Since they are designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts, fitness bands include several practical features including a built-in GPS, exercise tracking system, sleep monitoring, and heart rate tracking. Functionality and serviceability throughout physical exercises are mainly what fitness bands have to offer and therefore come with features that not only monitor the fitness condition but also keep track of the surrounding location. The handy navigation capabilities on fitness bands tend to be remarkably accurate in terms of terrain and location, making them great for outdoor activities like running, hiking, or exploration. 

Although fitness bands are limited to health and fitness aspects, it does not mean they are lacking in what they have to offer. Fitness bands provide a wide range of benefits for health and fitness, with the main one being a reliable means to track progress. Since fitness bands come with features designed to provide consistently accurate updates, users can develop a regular fitness routine that enables them to shoulder responsibility for their overall health. Aside from general exercise and health monitoring, fitness bands can monitor food and liquid intake, making them great devices for helping to improve eating habits. Sleep tracking is another handy feature found on fitness bands and helps ensure that the user is getting enough sleep for peak performance of the body and mind. Through the feedback presented by fitness bands, users can adjust their sleeping patterns to get the best quality of rest and sleep.  


Unlike fitness bands, smartwatches are not limited to only fitness enthusiasts, but the general consumer population. Smartwatches like those that huawei offers, are designed to be all-around supplemental devices to smartphones, but in the form of a wristwatch. This means that smartwatches not only come with fitness and health features like the fitness band but also other practical capabilities and functions similar to mobile phones. Fitness bands were considered the original “smart” watches and only continued to develop until smartwatches came along and added even more functions and features to the fitness band. 

Similar to smartphones, smartwatches are designed to add convenience to day-to-day activities like seamlessly answering calls, receiving notifications, checking info online, and many more without needing to reach for the smartphone in a bag or pocket. Communication through a smartphone proves to be surprisingly efficient since it can even process calls using sim cards and cellphone contact numbers. Aside from its similarly convenient aspects to phones, smartwatches come with several unique features like fitness and health monitoring capabilities.


Smartwatches and fitness bands may appear and have similar features, but they differ in several ways with their different target audiences being the main ones. For a reliable and well-rounded supplement to a smartphone, then a smartwatch is the best option. For those solely looking for a highly practical and informative fitness companion for the outdoors, then a fitness band is most optimal.

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