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DJI Matrice 300 RTK Firmware v01.00.02.14

DJI released a new Firmware for DJI Matrice 300 RTK v01.00.02.14

What’s new on Aircraft Firmware v01.00.02.14

  • Improved GNSS stability when using the Custom Network RTK.
DJI Matrice M300 RTK


  • Released Date: 2020.11.26
  • Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.02.14
  • Remote Controller Firmware: v01.00.02.13
  • Pilot App Android: v1.9.0R
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station:  v03.00.00.13
  • Intelligent Battery Station: v01.05.06.06
  • Intelligent Fight Battery: v01.02.05.28
  • Zenmuse H20 / H20T: v01.00.02.11
  • Zenmuse Z30: v01.00.07.10
  • Zenmuse XT2: v01.00.03.50
  • Zenmuse XT S: v01.00.00.09
  • DJI X-Port: v01.03.02.00
  • DJI Assistant 2 For Matrice: v2.0.13
  • Firmware Upgrade Method: Aircraft / Remote Controller: DJI Assistant 2 / App

                                                          Zenmuse H20 / H20T: microSD card / DJI Assistant 2 / App
                                                          D-RTK 2 Mobile Station: DJI Assistant 2
                                                          The built-in DJI Pilot app: will be updated with the Remote Controller firmware
                                                          Intelligent Battery Station: App (Connect the Battery Station to the remote controller and update it on the HMS page in the DJI Pilot app.)


  • Users who use Custom Network RTK MUST update to this firmware version. Otherwise, the aircraft will work abnormally.
  • The aircraft cannot revert to firmware version or earlier once the firmware is updated.
  • Make sure that the aircraft, remote controller, battery, D-RTK 2 mobile station (if used), payload (if used) are updated to the latest firmware version.
  • Download the latest firmware from the official website to microSD card to update the ZenmuseZ30, XT S, XT2, or H20 / H20T.
  • It is required to use the DJI Pilot app built-in the remote controller, or download the app of V1.9.0R or later.

Source DJI Community

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