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DJI M200 v2

DJI M200 Series V2 Release Notes

Matrice 200 V2

Overview of DJI M200 Series V2

What’s New?

  • Added Spotlight function.*
  • Added Dual Remote Controller mode.*
  • Added the function to re-center both of the downward gimbals during the aircraft lands.
  • Improved the accuracy of arriving at the waypoint during Mission Flight.
  • Optimized the battery level calculation and self-heating function.
  • Fixed issues in flight log and system log exportation when using the DJI Assistant 2.
  • Adjusted the button setting condition for the remote controller to control the tilt of the FPV camera. Now, the tilt angle can be controlled by pressing and holding the C2 button and turning the left dial even when C2 has already been defined.

For the M210 RTK V2 only:

  • Added the function to store the RTCM data to the aircraft.
  • Fixed issue: aircraft yaw now cannot be changed during RTH.


  • This firmware includes Intelligent Flight Battery firmware. If you have multiple batteries, please run this firmware update on all of them.
  • Make sure that the firmware for the aircraft, remote controller, and D-RTK 2 mobile station for Matrice series (if in use) is up-to-date. Otherwise they will not work together.
  • When using a Zenmuse X4S, X5S or X7, connect it to Gimbal Connector I for firmware update.
  • When using a Zenmuse Z30, XT or XT2, download the firmware to a microSD card for firmware update.

* DJI Pilot app of v1.3.0 or later is required.

Source DJI Forum

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