Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Bluetooth in-ear headphones are up to any situation.

Your favorite music without annoying cables to the smartphone.

Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Does your favorite music make it easier for you to go jogging in the morning or just go to work by bus and train? Headphones make it possible for us to always have our own soundtrack without bothering other people. But headphones are not a new invention: they were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in the United States more than 100 years ago – and a lot has happened since then. Bluetooth in-ear models are particularly practical today.

Bluetooth convinces in everyday life.

High-quality sound, stylish design, and first-class comfort – these are all criteria that modern headphones have to meet today. Especially the freedom of movement is an important criterion: If you want to enjoy a lot of freedom of movement at home, on the road, and during sports, you cannot afford to buy an in-ear headphone with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth creates a wireless connection to your smartphone or MP3 player. Do you expect quality degradation in music over this wireless technology? No, because the latest Bluetooth technology is very stable, low-prone and also consumes very little power. Bluetooth is also important for another reason: Some new smartphone models are no longer equipped with a classic headphone jack!

Your style, Your sound, Your music.

Headphones are also a fashion statement today. Many rely on a classic black, but also white or colorful models are very popular. In any case, they are fun. The Bluetooth in-ear RP-NJ300B is therefore in addition to noble black and white in great blue therefore! In addition, it offers you some advantages in everyday life:

  • In-ear headphones shield you from disturbing ambient noise.
  • They hardly weigh anything and can be taken anywhere.
  • The sound quality is over-ear headphones in the meantime in nothing and that at much more compact dimensions
  • They are very good for sports.

Experience Bluetooth in-ear headphones!

So that the Bluetooth in-ear holds perfectly in your ears, you can choose between three enclosed silicone fitting pieces – so a firm and at the same time pleasant wearing comfort is achieved.

At the same time, the 9mm neodymium magnet combined with the design provides excellent sound insulation and clear sound. Wireless earbuds for running will also be useful in Sports.

Stay spontaneous: If you want to go fast on a spontaneous jogging round, you do not need to give up your motivating beats! Thanks to the integrated Quick Charge function, a short recharge of just 20 minutes is sufficient for a duration of one hour.

You connected your Bluetooth in-ear to your smartphone? Then you can make calls conveniently with the NJ300B, without having to take the smartphone into your own hands.

As you can see, Bluetooth in-ear headphones come in different variants and bring many advantages. But maybe you are more in search of an over-ear model for a cozy listening pleasure at home in your armchair? Or you want to make a fashion statement with a bow headphone? Panasonic has the right model for every situation.

More Facts :

Are Wireless headphones are said to cause cancer?

“How dangerous are wireless headphones really? Scientists from all over the world are now warning about the health consequences of modern earplugs.”

Apple’s popular white Airpods headphones, as well as other manufacturers’ wireless headphones, are said to pose a cancer risk for the wearer. At least one petition warns to the United Nations and World Health Organization, which was signed by 250 scientists from more than 40 countries.

In general, the researchers point out that the danger emanates from numerous devices that emit high-frequency radiation via WLAN, Bluetooth, or mobile data. Especially wireless in-ear headphones such as the Airpods are worrying because they sit deep enough in the ear canal to expose sensitive parts of the ear to dangerous radiation, according to the experts.

Proved in animals

Although it has not been proven that such radio-connected devices really cause cancer. However, animal experiments in the field of high-frequency radiation would have shown that a correlation could well exist.

Because the animals, after being exposed to radiation, were more prone to neurological, reproductive and genetic damage, the researchers write.

The most important and best-studied risk of radio waves is that they generate heat at high levels, heat the tissue and even cause burns. The effects of long-term exposure to lower power radio waves are still under investigation by science.

Even deeper values ​​dangerous

Scientists are now demanding stronger control and additional alerts for all types of radio wave transmissions. They especially see a need for action when the Bluetooth radiation is emitted intensively and close to the human ear canal and brain, as with wireless headphones.

However, Bluetooth radiation has not been much researched. The researchers who have signed the petition also suspect a risk of cancer with WLAN.

Read also about Bluetooth Technology And How It Helps Us In Our Daily Life

The WHO does have guidelines for electromagnetic field (EMF) field strengths that must not be exceeded by different devices. According to the petition, even lower levels could be carcinogenic.

Disagreements from research

The various bodies that set safety standards failed to set out sufficient guidelines to protect the public, especially children more susceptible to the effects of EMF, according to the authors of the petition. By inaction, the World Health Organization does not do justice to its role as a public health agency.

It should be emphasized here that research has long since failed to agree on the potential harmfulness of radio waves. Kenneth Foster, a professor of biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania, told that the current state of research suggests that there is no danger of using devices emitting such radio waves.

He added that there are many thousands of studies on the subject of varying quality and relevance that would show in very different directions. The cherry picking on the data to connect to illnesses shows “that these arguments are not credible.”


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