Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology And How It Helps Us In Our Daily Life

Bluetooth Technology

Technology improves day by day and makes our life easier in many areas. There is a technology that is used almost everywhere from communication to health and business life, and it seems that we can no longer give up. Bluetooth technology has entered our lives thoroughly.

Thanks to the Bluetooth plugin on our phones or smart tracker apps that work with smart tracker used for various jobs, we can handle many jobs without cables.

Millions of dollars are spent every year in the world to develop these technologies. But it is worth the result. The results can make our life easier in every field.

In fact, we can accept almost any electronic device that can work wirelessly among the instruments working with this system. We were both amazed and interested when innovations such as wireless headphones and keyboards were released. However, we immediately adopted and used this practical innovation. Day by day, the number of devices working with wireless, Bluetooth system is increasing.

Technology is developing most in the field of health. Devices that get smart with the sensors getting smaller every day are in the pursuit of a healthier life of people.

In the coming periods, many sensors and small devices that can connect to the internet will enter our lives. Some of them have already entered. The priority of these new generation devices is not entertainment, as you can imagine. Their priority is health. Many companies, from the technology giant to the venture company established with several people, are investing in the field of health and developing new devices. Some of these new-generation devices developed for health entered our lives. All technological devices, from smart wristbands to small appliances, are now designed with health features.

Some Tools That Work With Bluetooth Technology

Smart Bracelets

Smart wristbands are used by both sports and patients.


Smartphones also use GPS systems and Bluetooth most frequently.


Tablets that work with smartphone logic are like a big-screen smartphone


Bluetooth headsets have been a part of our lives for a long time. Being wireless provides enormous ease of movement. It is no longer possible to give up these headphones, which can be easily used not only at home but also while walking outside and doing sports.

Read also Bluetooth in-ear headphones are up to any situation.

Smart trackers for finding items

The smart tracker device, which is used to search for lost things, like keys, bags, pets e.t.c,  is one of the technological developments that make our daily life easier.

Air Control Sensor For Asthma Patients

Asthma is one of the most important health problems of our age. Especially in environments with low air quality, it is a real enemy for asthma patients. It focuses on this problem and performs air analysis with 4 different sensors on the product called “AlerSense”. Air quality, temperature, particle, and humidity sensors are constantly working. The air quality in the found environment is analyzed instantaneously and information is sent to the users’ smartphones. Users are warned if the air quality is not suitable.

Diabetes measurement for diabetics

Many glucose meters are currently on sale, especially for use on smartphones. The first devices were not very suitable in terms of portability with their size. However, the size of the developed new generation glucometers is now almost as small as a matchbox.

Heart Rate Measurement

With smartwatches, we can measure the pulse whenever we want. This technology does not currently report fatal conditions such as heart attacks. The measuring device “PM 250” developed by Beurer is fixed on the heart with a rubber. In this way, the device, which can measure instantly, sends the data to smartphones. Users are warned about sudden changes in heart rate. These alerts can be shared with doctors or sports professionals.

Water Treatment Systems

One of the most popular technologies used in recent days is water treatment systems. There are 3 different filters in total, namely front carbon, reverse osmosis, and carbon connected to the city network. To protect the freshness of the water, the water is filtered again. There are also cold and hot water options.

Air purifiers

The air we breathe is one of the most important criteria of our living standards. Especially in the houses where animals are fed or smoked, the air quality breathed is considerably decreased. The companies that take action for this problem provide 99.6 percent allergen, 99.9 percent virus and bacteria to be cleaned with the air cleaning devices they produce. The bad odors in the house are eliminated by 95 percent.

Live football match tracking with mobile phone

FACEBOOK provides live match tracking from smartphones with the new feature called “Sports Stadium”. The feature that first opened with the American football league will start to cover other sports in the coming periods. However, this feature is currently only available on iPhones. In the statement made by the company, this feature will start to take place in the Android operating system very soon. This feature is available for free

Computer games, keyboards, and joysticks

Bluetooth joysticks are also a favorite of computer game lovers.

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