Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology And How It Helps Us In Our Daily Life

Technology improves day by day and makes our life easier in many areas. There is a technology that is used almost everywhere from communication to health and business life, and it seems that we can no longer give up. Bluetooth technology has entered our lives thoroughly. Thanks to the Bluetooth plugin on our phones or smart tracker apps that work with smart tracker used for various jobs, we can handle many jobs without cables. Millions of dollars are spent every … Read more

Trending Smartphones

Reliable Online Platforms to Buy Trending Smartphones

As a smartphone enthusiast or a first-time online shopper of mobiles in India, you would certainly like to find yourself on a reliable e-commerce website. This will help you analyze the features and prices of various mobiles and let you have better shopping experiences based on service, cost, and delivery. To enable your appetite for online mobile shopping with discount rates, we have gathered some of the best mobile selling websites in India in 2019. You will love to check … Read more

5g logo

5G Phones: Here are all 5G-ready smartphones expected to launch in 2019

5G or the fifth generation of network technology has been in testing for the past few years and looks like 2019 will finally see smartphone manufacturers launch devices that can hook up to ultra-fast 5G networks. 5G is expected to bring lower latency to networks, which means online gaming, for one, will become much more faster. Streaming will become a breeze and connectivity in general will improve dramatically. 5G phones are expected to support super speeds of up to 10 … Read more


Fortnite has arrived on Android! Here’s how to get it on Sony’s Xperia smartphones

Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t just the smash hit game of 2018, it’s become a social and cultural sensation. What’s more, it’s now playable on all AndroidTM* devices. As all Xperia owners know, Sony smartphones are the best way to fully immerse yourself in the best mobile games that developers have to offer. Take the all new XZ3, which offers the ultimate set of gaming features. With a class-leading OLED display, S-Force Front Surround speakers and a Dynamic Vibration System, there … Read more