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6 Latest Wristwatch That You Need To See In 2019


Every single year watchmakers are constantly producing their best and latest watches and that can be a luxury, classic, vintage, signature, or a smart type of watch. They do this so that they will be able to compete with the constant change of the market. People or the consumer always wanted to have something new and that is also one of the main reasons.

Some watch manufacturers may produce an all-new watch which is not yet on their watch lines to entice more customers and other watchmakers are providing a rebirth to their best and oldest luxury watches so that their customers will experience their vintage type of watches. And here are some of the latest wristwatches that you need to check.

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere

The great professional Minerva wristwatches that have been made in the year 1920s and 1930s for the sole purpose of exploration and military use. Because of these great timepieces, Montblanc created 1858 as a tribute. For this year, they created four all-new 1858 base watches and one of those is the 1858 Geosphere.

This watch is dedicated to the seven summits for mountaineering challenge in which professional mountain climbers would love to go. The watch also has a new color scheme of bronze which is very beautiful. On the Automatic model, it has a 40mm case colored with bronze partnered with a green dial.

Bovet Virtuoso IX

A famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that started in London in the year 1822 by Edouard Bovet. They are famous for making one of the best pocket watches for the Chinese market in the early 19th century. Right now, the company produces top of the line luxury watches that priced at $18,000 up to $2 million with a style that was based on its history.

Their latest luxury watch right now is the Virtuoso IX. It has a size of 46.3mm with an Amadeo System in which the watch can be transformed into a pocket watch, table clock, or a reversible wristwatch. All of these unique features can be done without using any specialized tools. There are three colors to choose from white gold, red gold, and platinum.

Greubel Forsey Art Piece Edition Historique

A beautiful representation of classic and modernization. This elegant watch has a size of 44mm accompanied with a great double Tourbillon 30. It also has a 475-part hand-wound that offers 72-hour of reserve power. On the 10 and 11 o’clock, you will be able to see a tiny second dial that is positioned the same as the double tourbillon which is all very unique.

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The watch itself is truly luxurious because of the 50 special jewels that have been added to it. The case was made by a platinum950 with a sapphire crystal and the same as the back of the watch which has also a transparent sapphire crystal. Other special features of the watch are the gold safety screws, case and with a hand-made graining, and polished bezel.

Vacheron Constantin Taditonnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar

Vacheron Constantin created one of a kind luxury watch. It has an extraordinary power reserve up to 65 days which you can do by switching the watch into standby mode if you are not wearing it. This unique feature was studied thoroughly by the company and them able to do this by slowing down its caliber.

By clicking the pusher, it will allow the user to switch frequency which will also depend on the activity level. If the watch is worn on the wrist, the user will be able to get all the power by setting it on Active mode which is only for four days. Although, if the watch is not in used or taken off, you can just set it on standby mode.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59

One of the masterpiece watches of Audemars Piguet, the Code 11.59 41mm is made by an 18k white or pink gold case. Code 11.59 also has a perpetual calendar that adjusts automatically for short months and it also adds one day for a leap year. If you will be wearing this al the time you will just need to adjust the watch once and that is in the year 2100.

Looking at the front of the watch you will see a deep blue color dial and subdial combined with a star-lit sky effect. You will also see the moon indication positioned at 6 o’clock in which other models call this moon indication a flying tourbillon. It provides up to 40 hours of power reserve and you may choose between black and blue alligator premium leather straps.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Omega was already a very famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturer and their popularity went sky high when they were chosen as an official wristwatch for lunar exploration. In the year 1969, this was the first time a human step foot on the moon and because of this Omega dedicated the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition for this event.

The watch is made of a 42mm high-quality stainless steel case with a very shiny black ceramic bezel combined with a tachymeter scale made by Omega Ceragold. Two tributes can be found on the dial. The first one is number eleven that features in an 18 karat Moonshine Gold and in 9 o’clock position you will see a Buzz Aldrin logo climbing down.

The Apollo 11 offers so many beautiful features, from its exterior to its interior. You can say that Omega did a great job on this specific watch. Other watches you need to check from Omega are the De Ville, Constellation, and Omega Seamaster. Owning one of their best watches will never make your money go to waste.


Knowing new things in the market is the key if you are trying to buy something which is also applicable if you wanted to buy a luxury watch. You need to know what are the best watches that are coming out right now. You should spend wisely and choose the right luxury watch that you like.

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