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How should you clean your branded watch?

A branded watch is a costly investment! And you must maintain that watch well enough so that it lasts over a decade. Usually, branded watches last close to a decade or more, based on your use and upkeep. And by that, we don’t mean cleaning the watch dial and keeping it inside the box. Most people are clueless about cleaning their watch. Proper maintenance and upkeep can make your watch appear like a new model for years. It is essential to opt-in for the smart and best watch cleaning tactics.

Usually, you will find watch lovers cleaning a statement-making or a period watch showpiece with more excellent dexterity than their watch dials! The truth is you should invest the same effort and time to clean an Emporio Armani Watch model or any other branded watch. The following tips can help:

  • Take care of the crown

It is essential to screw-down the crown safely! You might have a water-resistant watch, but still, it can get damaged because of water leaks during the cleaning process. And the watch crown is a vulnerable spot. You need to take extra care of it.

  • Keep your watch dust-free

You watch gathers dust almost every day! The only way to ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate is to wipe off the watch using a soft cotton cloth at the end of the day and store it properly. It also helps to eliminate the moisture stains, as well.

  • Use the best watch cleaning solvent

One of the safest ways to clean a watch is to make use of soapy water. Most watch lovers have been carefully using this technique for years. But still, it is essential to maintain caution. Hence, it’s a safe call to make use of a watch cleaning solution or solvent. To make the best choice, you can ask a watch expert or the brand from where you bought the watch.

  • Clean leather watch straps carefully

Leather watch straps might get challenging to clean! There are times when toxic soap water reacts with the leather strap surface and makes it coarse. Hence, you need to use a mild soap for this. The best way is to choose a leather cleaning solvent. Usually, you can use the same for your leather bag and wallet, as well. You also need to research and invest in the best cleaning solution for suede leather watch straps.

  • Take time to clean metal watch straps

Generally, metal watch straps have dirt and minute debris in their corners. It is true when you haven’t cleaned your watch for months and years. Soap water might work fine, but you shouldn’t use too much of it. Use a small amount dabbed on cotton wool and or a damp cotton cloth. If there are color stains and other marks, make sure to check with a specialist for the best cleaning advice.

These are the essential watch cleaning tips that you can follow! If you clean your watches at an interval of three months, it will extend the life of your watch. Also, consult the brand when you find any other issues while cleaning.

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