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Uses of flexible robot arms

Flexible robot arms are robotic equipment in high demand in many manufacturing entities that require automation with robots.

Their high level of demand is due to the fact that they are affordable, compact in size, and can be installed anywhere in the factory and moved around with ease. Also, these robots can easily carry out multiple tasks in the factory and they are completely modern technology ready and can easily connect to the internet to ensure proper, quick, and easier monitoring remotely.

In this article, are some of the ways that these robots are used in factories.

Pick and place tasks

Due to their size and weight load capacity, the flexible robot arm cannot carry out tasks that require heavy lifting. In addition, with a reach of up to 33.5 inches can only work around a small circumference work area.

As a result, one of the many tasks that these robots carry out is the pick and place. This means that these robots can pick an item from one location and place it on another. This is a monotonous task to leave to human workers.

Flexible robot arms, therefore, ensure that human workers can be tasked with other higher-level tasks that will engage them mentally.


This is another task that robots have taken over. Robots are known for their high levels of precision and accuracy. Handing over the task of inspection to a robot is an easy decision for any organization that wants to grow its production efficiency.

To enable the robot to inspect your products, it needs to have some capacity to see the product it is inspecting. This is handled by buying any of the appropriate vision accessories for the robot.

Once these are in place, the robot is programmed to ensure that the products it is inspecting have specific dimensions. Those with visible defects are easily detected while those others that do not meet the dimension requirements are also kept aside.

For humans, inspection will take a lot of time and is highly monotonous. Leaving it to robots ensures that a company produces high-quality products and deploys its human resources better.

Robotic Machine Tending

Robotic machine tending means that you can use the flexible robot arm to supervise other machines and robots within your organization.

Delegating this task to robots frees up valuable time for your human resources that previously were stuck in one location carrying out a task from muscle memory and not gaining any more experience or helping add more value to the manufacturing process.

With simple programming of time intervals to insert something into a machine, the robot will carry out the task at ease. It will sometimes require external fittings such as vision or suction accessories to ensure that it carries out its machine tending tasks as required.

The flexible robot can carry out machine tending work in small manufacturing operations that need all hands-on board to ensure that they deliver their product at the highest-level quality and in a timely fashion.

Other specialized tasks

Most times, you will find some manufacturing operations that have unique tasks in their processes.

Due to the uniqueness of the production process, the entity would think that it would not require a flexible robot arm. This is not true.

By engaging numerous robotics consultants and experts, it will only be a matter of time before you get the best advice on how a flexible robot arm can be utilized for your operation to create a marked improvement in the way you run your business.

Flexible robot arms, as their name suggests, are highly flexible and can perform any tasks that can be easily broken down into step by step instructions.


Flexible robot arms take over tasks that are boring and low level for human beings. This ensures that organizations are able to utilize and get value from their available human resources rather than having them glued to a particular position carrying out a task that they are not interested in.

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