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5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2020


American business owners and entrepreneurs spend over $1.8 trillion on technology each year. Most business owners understand that in order to achieve their goals, they need the right tools in hand. While having cloud-based servers and software is important, there are also a number of apps you need to think about using.

Whether you are currently running a business or fresh off of selling your company and looking for new opportunities, apps and technology can help you greatly. If you are looking for a way to invest your money into a new business venture, working with a reputable business broker is a great idea. When looking for a company that can help you with this task, is sure to consider their past performance.

Are you looking for the best apps to use in your daily journey as an entrepreneur? If so, check out the list of apps below.

1. Keep Your Credit Report Accurate With DisputeBee

Launching a new business venture requires a lot of hard work and some working capital.  If your business is unestablished, you will have a hard time getting a small business loan. This is why you need to entertain the idea of taking out a personal loan to fund your business idea. Before you go in and apply for one of these loans, take a look at your credit score and report.

Having mistakes or lots of hard inquiries on your credit report can lower your score substantially. If you are looking for a way to remove these hard inquiries and improve your credit score, using an appl like DisputeBee. With this software, you can file reports with major credit reporting bureaus if mistakes need to be removed from your credit report. This tool also allows you to remove hard inquiries, which can give your credit score a much-needed boost.


2. Make Payments a Breeze With the Help of Square

When first starting a new business venture, you will need to get out and pound the pavement to find new customers. Working out in the field is a great way to get a feel for who your core audience is and what they are looking for. If you are selling products and services while out in the field, you need a fast and efficient way to process payments. Without the ability to process credit card payments, you will have a hard time selling your products/services.

This is why using the app and hardware provided by the team at Square is such a good idea. When using Square, you will be provided with a small card reader that can plug into your phone or tablet. As your business grows, you can upgrade to the Square Stand. This system is designed to work in retail establishments with actual counter space. With the power provided by Square, you can easily process payments and grow your bottom line.

3. Prepare For Meetings With Accompany

Attending business meetings is something most entrepreneurs do on a regular basis. Making sure these meetings are both productive and easy to manage should be one of your main concerns. If you are looking for a way to go into meetings prepared, using the Accompany app is a wonderful idea. This app will email you a briefing before your meeting with details regarding who will be attending the meeting and a summary of what they do.

The Accompany app uses the power of email, online calendars, and even social media profiles to gather this information. Knowing more about the people you are about to meet will allow you to make each business interaction great. Business owners who use this app equate it with having a personal assistant. The biggest difference between Accompany and a personal assistant is that the app is far less expensive than hiring employees. If you are tired of going into meetings with no idea of what is coming, it may be time to use this great app.

4. Trello Helps You Manage Projects

Over the past decade, business owners have started to embrace the power and convenience of remote workers. No longer are business owners bound by geographic restrictions when trying to hire the best candidate for their job openings. The biggest challenge you will face as a business owner who uses a remote workforce is managing these employees. Without a lot of organization and the right apps, it will be nearly impossible to keep your remote team on track.

If you are looking for a project management tool that is both easy to use and fun, then Trello is a great option. With this app, you can organize all of your projects into lists, boards or even cards. Trello provides you with information about what projects are currently going on and what the status is on each one.

By using this tool correctly, you will be able to pinpoint productivity issues and address them right away. Ignoring the need for this type of comprehensive project management program can result in a lot of important tasks getting ignored. Getting the absolute best out of your remote employees will require the right technology. Most modern workers love Trello because it is both effective and easy to use.


5. FreshBooks Helps You Manage Business Finances

One of the main reasons why new startups go out of business is due to money problems. Instead of letting your new business venture fail due to a lack of financial management, you need to think about using FreshBooks.

This cloud-based program is designed to help you manage every aspect of your company’s finances. You will be able to view your financials from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also send invoices, track the status of the payments you receive and interact with clients.

Embrace This Technology

Now that you know more about the apps available for small business owners, you need to use some of them. While getting acquainted with new apps can be difficult, it is definitely worth the time and energy you invest. 

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