10 Best Torrentz Alternatives in 2019 – The Best Alternative Torrent Repositories

One of the highly-known torrent meta-search engine,, has been blocked and is no longer delivering searches for users. There is yet no news on the actual reason for such a shutdown, which has been a surprise of all torrent fans.

So, before panic settles in, you can take advantage of some great Torrentz alternatives established for this very purpose.

When using third-party torrent sites or torrent alternatives, you can consider having a secure VPN; opt for the paid ones for optimum protection. You can also use online promo codes to get it easy on your wallet.

Here is an exclusive guide for you to catch up on these torrent sites and download your favorite content.


Torrent Funk stands out from the rest of the torrent sites is because of its feature that shows reviews, ratings, and comments made by the users of the website. The website even allows its users to take benefit from its vast cross recommendations through which you can instantly choose your favorite movie.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is known to be the most used and significant torrent alternative that you can avail since Torrentz and KAT are down. Its massive torrent library comprises of various categories allowing users to enjoy numerous movies and TV shows. The Pirate Bay showcases its own fair share of takedowns, seizures, and investigations. However, this well-known torrent indexing site keeps coming back every now and then, and it is found to be the best Torrentz alternatives you can use. Moreover, you can benefit from the Pirate Bay VPN for security and anonymity. If you would like to use some other VPN, it is totally up to you. Just make sure you get your hands on an affordable one using free promo codes.


Monova is another great alternative website to Torrentz as it offers a detailed search engine feature to its users. Additionally, it requires registration to help you upload your content right away.

BT Scene

The most prominent thing about BT Scene is the clear interface it has to offer. As you open this site, you won’t find any irrelevant ad on any of its pages. Advertisements can be quite annoying, so BT Scene is perfect for you if you can’t stand them. You can find different categories on its front page, like movies, music, series, software, games, etc. that enable it to be the most preferred alternative to Torrentz.


iDope is a popular torrent search engine that is much alike, the most used, Kickass Torrent. This torrent alternative gathers a lot of different sources from other websites. You can also get an Android app of iDope for your mobile devices.


TorrentDownloads are similar to other torrent websites. However, it stands out among Torrentz alternatives due to it’s the Health option for all torrent sources. Torrent sources with good video quality are marked with green color, and sources with poor quality are in orange or red color.

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents offers innumerable torrents for download and upload. This Torrentz alternative has an extraordinary database for users along with magnet links to find what you need. However, LimeTorrents does not contain any torrent files and works more as a directory or search engine, similar to Torrentz.


ExtraTorrent is a highly appreciated torrent alternative that has established its own fan following over time. It can help you search for all your favorite movies, shows, and games easily. There are also detailed guides available on the internet for unblocking ExtraTorrent if needed and to use proxy in case the website isn’t functional in your region. is the new name for YourBittorrent. In fact, in 2003, YourBittorent was found along with Torrentz but was named myBittorent. Following the division in the ownership, in 2009, YourBittorent was created. YourBittorent is lying among the most used and preferred Torrentz alternatives that give you torrents for TV shows, movies, games, e-books, software, etc.

Popcorn Time

A different type of platform but Popcorn Time is known to be a credible Torrentz alternative. Actually, you cannot download anything on Popcorn Time, but you can enjoy the direct streaming of the movies and shows you like. Popcorn Time functions on the protocol of BitTorrent and divides larger files into lighter, smaller sections. Therefore, it allows minimal buffering and fast streaming in HD quality. If Popcorn Time has been blocked in your country, you can use a trustable VPN using free online promo codes.

Since Torrentz is down, you don’t have to compromise on your entertainment needs. Use these Torrentz alternatives to keep your fun factor alive and healthy.

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