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How Chatbots can help you in Boosting Your Gym Business

It all started with your first day at the gym. You entered the world of fitness for the first time. It started showing results once you became regular and disciplined in the gym. And before you realized, your health becomes your passion. On one fine day, you collected enough courage to turn your passion into a business and then, you decided to open a gym of your own.

But there is one problem with passion. It can never be transferred from one person to another. You cannot expect your customers to be as dedicated to fitness as you were in your initial days. It is an undeniable truth that people are getting more aware and cautious about their health. But it is tough to convert that awareness into action.

And to solve this problem, you have to amalgamate your fitness passion and business acumen. Coming to the point, a gym is a service business. You are not selling any products to consumers. Your customers pay you for the quality of the service they receive. Hence, customer centricity is directly proportional to the number of memberships in a gym.

Now you must be thinking about all the things you can do to give your members an enjoyable experience in the gym. And one thing which you are missing is a chatbot. Before getting all anxious about ‘what,’ ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the chatbots in a gym business, take a sip of water to stay hydrated and keep your eyes on the screen till the end:

1.Proactive Marketing

What most of the fitness centers are doing wrong these days is that they are not active enough in reaching out to their potential customers. The competition is too high that you cannot sit in your gym expecting that people will show up at your gym automatically. A business needs marketing. Understandably, you cannot hire people to go in the streets to find new customers. Then what to do?

The solution is to hire the best chatbot developers. You can just spread the word about your business in the digital world using a chatbot. A chatbot will itself act as a call to action. It will work 24×7 on social media platforms to help potential customers to come closer to your business. It will provide information regarding new membership plans and offers. Also, other integrations like Google Maps will be able to assist with directions to your gym.

2. Off Gym Assistance

Fitness is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. Good health of your gym members is now your responsibility. And your business should be available to them 24×7 to assist them. They may need some information on proper body postures, calorie consumption, or a diet plan. Or they may be curious to know about the gym timings of that particular day.

These services can be provided to your customers by employing a chatbot development company style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Your customers will be able to reach the relevant information using it. You will be required to prepare a repository of all health-related data, which can be provided to your customers when they ask for it. Moreover, any updates related to your gym can be communicated to your customers using a chatbot. It will serve two purposes. One, your customers will be more engaged with your business, and second, your gym will be perceived as a business with a mission.

3. Cross-selling of products

To be a one-stop-shop for fitness, you should also sell other health products. Protein powders, Fit-bits, gym gloves, shoes, and other equipment, etc. all should come in the list of cross-selling products. It helps in improving the margins of the business. And your gym is the perfect market for such buyers.

But the major challenge for all the gym owners is that they are not able to market these products properly. Members perceive it as forceful selling of the harmful products if the gym owner tries to sell these products. The chatbot development services can help you with this. It will tell your customers about these products in a subtle way. It will provide the time and information to check the genuineness of these items. Hence, a chatbot can increase their margins by just making conversations.               

4. Personalized Messaging

Are you still relying on traditional methods like emails to reach your customers? The emails and other ads are not personalized enough. They have low CTR (Click through Rate) and Average Open Rate. And sometimes, users’ settings will keep you in their spam folder.

Switch to chatbot integration with messengers like Facebook and Whatsapp. These messengers deliver your messages in a more personalized way. They have an average open rate, which is almost eight times the average open rate of emails. They have a CTR of around 30%, which is way above the CTR of emails. Hence, it is advisable to you that you use a chatbot + messenger combo to start a conversation with your potential customers.

Final Text

The world is changing. Businesses are becoming more than just money-making machines. Consumers are also becoming more aware of their options. It is crucial to deliver value for money to your customers. It will increase their willingness to pay, and you will be satisfied as a business owner by serving your customers better.

Now let us talk about your fitness venture. It is essential for you to stay ahead of the competition. Your environment is getting digital. Are you working smart enough to attract new customers online? Are you available to assist them 24×7? Are you able to respond to their questions instantly? Are they able to find you easily? And are they buying your products and services?

This article will leave you with all these questions to think about. And anyway, you now know the answer to all these questions. 

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