Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 was a great and one of the best tablet of its time, but now as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has got its place, its ruling time is nearly at an end. The new Surface Pro runs cooler and very slightly quicker, too. Because Microsoft has put a slightly larger 12.3inch display along with a higher resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 and includes the advanced Intel Skylake processors. Microsoft calls it “the tablet that can replace your … Read more

Microsoft announces noise-canceling Surface Headphones

Microsoft announces noise-canceling Surface Headphones - Screen Shot 2018 10 02 at 5.05.47 PM.0

Microsoft’s Surface event didn’t come without some surprises: after announcing its latest Surface Pro, Laptop, and Studio devices, the company also revealed the brand-new $ 350 Surface Headphones. They’re shipping “in time for the holidays” — but only in the United States at launch. The over-ear, wireless headphones feature premium sound and adjustable noise cancellation, giving users precise control over how much outside noise is let in a… The Verge – All Posts

Microsoft’s October Surface event: All the announcements that matter

Microsoft's October Surface event: All the announcements that matter - 145899 laptops feature microsofts october surface event how to watch and what to expect image1 o5ltsykjvn

Microsoft’s “a moment of your time” event in New York City is now over. It announced several product updates and new hardware. From a new Surface Pro 6 to the roll out of Windows 10 October 2018 Update to PC devices, Microsoft had plenty to talk about during the show. In all, there were updates to three Surface devices, new headphones announced, and the next major version of Windows 10 released. Here’s everything you missed…. Pocket-lint

This Video Game Lets You Explore Mars’ Actual Surface

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Alan Chan grew up thinking humans would be living in space and exploring Mars by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Instead, he decided to explore space on his own by creating a video game that allows people to drive around the Red Planet’s actual terrain in a souped-up rover. “Red Rover,” a new video game, recreates Mars’ surface using satellite and terrain data from NASA’s HiRISE Mars orbiter. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) has a lens that’s … Read more

Microsoft Surface Book review

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Microsoft thinks it has made the ultimate laptop, which is also a tablet. Here’s our colleagues at PC Advisor’s full, in-depth Microsoft Surface Book review…. Latest Reviews from Techworld

Budget-Friendly Surface Tablet May Horn In on iPad’s Turf

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Microsoft plans to release a line of Surface tablets priced in the $ 400 range later this year, according to a report. The tablets are expected to have 10-inch screens and rounded edges, and USB-C connectivity — a first in Microsoft tablets. They will be about 20 percent lighter than the Surface Pros, and their battery life will be about four hours shy of the 13.5-inch Surfac… TechNewsWorld