10 Reasons Why C# Is The Most Popular Programming Language

Programming Language C#

The tech world is a game of different programming languages today, and this generation is thirsty to understand how computers work and how websites are developed. Many have opted for new and flexible languages such as HTML and CSS. However, C# is a stable language that is still relevant today. You may have heard otherwise from Java die-hards, but that is only a competitor talking. Here are ten reasons why C sharp programming language still maintains its popularity today. It … Read more

Impact of Digital Transformation on the Software Industry

Impact of Digital Transformation on the Software Industry

Image source: Pexels Digital transformation or DX refers to the process of integrating digital changes or technology in different areas of businesses to reach peak digital maturity. In simpler terms, it’s the process of companies going paperless while leaning and depending more on technology. Digital transformation is made to increase work and employee productivity and efficiency while also developing service and product delivery to customers to achieve customer satisfaction. There are a lot of digital transformation examples out in the … Read more

Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time


A software tool called CaImAn automates the arduous process of tracking the location and activity of neurons. It accomplishes this task using a combination of standard computational methods and machine-learning techniques. In a new paper, the software’s creators demonstrate that CaImAn achieves near-human accuracy in detecting the locations of active neurons based on calcium imaging data.Software News — ScienceDaily

Acumos Project’s 1st Software, Athena, Helps Ease AI Deployment


The LF Deep Learning Foundation has announced the availability of the first software from the Acumos AI Project. Dubbed “Athena,” it supports open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. The goal is to make critical new technologies available to developers and data scientists everywhere. Launched earlier this year, Acumos is part of a Linux Foundation umbrella organization, the LF Deep Learning Foundation, that supports and sustains open source innovation in AI, ML and DL. LinuxInsider

Open Source Software: 20-Plus Years of Innovation


Open source led to a new software development and distribution model that offered an alternative to proprietary software. No single event takes the prize for starting the technology revolution. However, Feb. 3, 1998, is one of the more significant dates. On that day, Christine Peterson, a futurist and lecturer in the field of nanotechnology, coined the “open source” term at a strategy session in Palo Alto, California, shortly after the release of the Netscape browser source code. Numerous other events … Read more

Get Your Mac Software Notarized

macos mojave download 610x303

macOS Mojave is here. Give Mac users even more confidence in your software distributed outside the Mac App Store by submitting it to Apple to be notarized. When users on macOS Mojave first open a notarized app, installer package, or disk image, they’ll see a more streamlined Gatekeeper dialog and have confidence that it is not known malware. Download Xcode 10 and submit your software today. In an upcoming release of macOS, Gatekeeper will require Developer ID–signed software to be notarized by … Read more

What’s in the latest Chrome update?


A decade after Google launched the first iteration of Chrome, this week the company updated the browser to version 69, touting a freshened user interface (UI), an enhanced password manager and a more informative address bar. Google also patched 40 security vulnerabilities in the browser and paid bug bounties to researchers who reported the flaws. [ Related: Get serious about privacy with the Epic, Brave and Tor brow… Computerworld Software