Webinarjam Vs Mixhubb

Webinarjam Vs Mixhubb: Which One Is Better?

A better option is all the audience is searching for over the internet these days. With the rise of innovation, the majority of the audience is looking for digital ways to meet their needs and watch content. In this regard, for hosting different types of events such as online video conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, webinars, and others, we need some of the best service platforms. 

In the sections to come, we’ll be going to explore two of the most popular platforms for hosting your events online: Mixhubb and WebinarJam. Additionally, we’ll also explore their key functionalities and features. Lastly, we will look for the best alternative among these two platforms.

What Is Webinarjam?

Platform Description 

Basically, this platform is purely cloud-based software for hosting live and recorded webinar sessions, with a capacity of hosting more than 5k audience members around the world. It comes with a very simple user interface, which makes it easy for the audience to register and watch the event.

It supports a maximum of six hosts for any specific event, depending on the event size and the plan adopted for the same. This tool has significance among online marketers looking for expanding their businesses at the global level. In addition to this, the platform is also a favorite choice for entrepreneurs who want to showcase their product or service to a global audience and generate leads and sales through it.

Platform Features

  • This platform comes with the capability of sending alert notifications to event attendees on the day of the event. In addition to this, it also supports private chat rooms and file-sharing features.
  • This device supports all types of devices in high definition. In addition to this, the platform also has automated recording and replay options available for the audience.
  • In fact, you can easily customize your event theme and build great chat experiences with event participants. It also has a panic button for the creation of new live rooms for the event attendees.

What is Mixhubb?

Platform Description 

Mixhubb is one of the best-emerging platforms, fulfilling all types of online event requirements at affordable prices. In addition to this, this platform offers well-known webinar software and online video conferencing. In fact, this platform supports online events of all types and sizes. The platform allows for the pure customization of every element of your online event. Furthermore, it includes lobbies, exhibition booths, reception desks, landing pages, and much more. With its 100 percent customizable solutions, you can easily create the event you’ve ever dreamed of.

 Mixhubb is trusted by many leading brands, including – Hitachi, Times of India, FireFox, ISRO, etc. From a functionality point of view, this platform is extensively used for hosting social webinar sessions, award ceremonies, online video conferences, summits, and much more.

Platform Features

  • This platform offers one on one demos for the creation of an absolutely personalized environment. In addition to this, you can even host a dummy event before the actual event to closely monitor the platform’s functioning.
  • This platform has many features for immersive networking, including group chats, video calls, and AI matchmaking. These features are enough to successfully host your event.
  • You can also create editable landing pages that will serve as the public face of your event prior to the actual date. Comparably, with its robust analytics tool, gauging event performance has never been simpler.

Webinarjam Vs Mixhubb: Key Comparison 

Here are some of the most prominent differences between these two platforms.

Ease of reliability 

Both of these platforms have very simple user interfaces and customizable design options. However, Mixhubb is purely a self-managed platform which means you have to visit the platforms and follow the steps to host your event, and after the event is over leave the platform.

Trustable Option

WebinarJam has a great advantage over MixHub with its panic button. The major function of the button comes into play when you run into some technical issues. The panic button immediately creates a new live room for the attendees without any interruption during the ongoing conversation. Mixhubb, on the other hand, is known for its trusted credibility among leading brands such as ISRO and many others.

Feature Comparison 

Features are crucial components of any service platform. Most of the platform works towards the single goal of achieving the “best audience engagement”. Firstly, Mixhubb has everything one is looking for. With the inclusion of features such as live chat rooms, a professional broadcast studio, AI matchmaking, and much more, it is a complete package for your event.

Secondly, WebinarJam is undoubtedly one of the most popular webinar software programs in the world. It has the trust of leading brands and the experience of many years in the event industry. It comes with features like preloading of materials such as slideshows, videos, and file handouts for ease of download by the attendees. In addition to this, you can also quickly switch between the materials and the webcam.

Live Tracking and Analytics 

Both of these platforms are almost identical in that they provide live tracking of the event performance and are the best webinar platform for sponsors. In addition to this, you can also conduct post-event surveys and get real-time feedback from the audience after the event. Valuable insights are very important for the event sponsors to work towards the removal of silly errors and avoid them in the future.

Which One Is The Perfect Fit For Your Business 

The perfect choice for your business depends on the type of event, the event requirements, and many other parameters. In addition to this, the event objectives and the expectations of your target audience should also be very clear to you. Both of the above platforms are fairly good enough to provide a complete online experience to you and your audience.

Summing Up

The need of the hour is the adoption of those solutions that provide the best facilities at the minimum cost. After all,  online meeting platforms work on the basic agenda of being cost-effective. It doesn’t matter if you choose Mixhubb or WebinarJam, one thing is for sure: you’ll get the best service to cater to the audience’s requirements in the best possible way. 

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