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MIUI 11 release date

Good news for MIUI fans, a new version of the corporate shell (MIUI 11) will be announced very soon!

After the latest stable version of MIUI 10 which will be MIUI 10.4 Stable, all the innovations that are now appearing in beta firmware will already appear in the stable version of MIUI 11.

The Chinese version will have a slightly expanded list of functions. First of all, this is an earthquake alert function, and the new Mi Pay interface with an updated list of maps supported in China. For the MIUI global version, these functions are not so relevant, so MIUI 11 Global will be something to surprise users.

According to the latest news and analytical information from Chinese sources, the company announces a new version of the software in mid-August. The presentation is expected to take place with Redmi Note 8 in China. This will not be a full release of a new product (MIUI 11), but only its announcement. Where users can find out what awaits in the new version. Developers will share the existing developments that are implemented in Chinese beta firmware. For those who are following the changes in the beta versions, this will not come as a surprise.

A full presentation of MIUI 11 will be held in September. This will be the final release of the new version, which will be presented together with the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone. The new Mi Mix 4 out of the box will already go on the basis of stable MIUI 11.

Exit schedule for clarity:

  • The official announcement is mid-August (15.08 or 19.08).
  • A full presentation of MIUI 11 OS – the first half of September (September 9 or September 12).
  • The first stable version is October.

Source Xiaomishka.ru

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