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ANIMAIONIC a docking station for Apple Mac Mini computer

A long-awaited product dedicated to Apple Mac Mini computer by ANIMAIONIC.



  • ANIMAIONIC added an optional second Thunderbolt 3 port in ANIMAIONIC Mac Mini docking device and tested it with external graphic cards 
  • ANIMAIONIC & Mac Mini run a stress test and pushed the ANIMAIONIC to its limits and found it still working very stable and fast

ANIMAIONIC is a docking station, which adds to a Mac Mini two PCIe extension slots for all compatible graphics cards supported by the newest Catalina macOS system, as well as extra four disk drive slots to increase the Mac Mini mass storage space. It uses a small, efficient and quiet power supply, suitable for powerful graphic cards and SSD drives. It also has a built-in SD card reader on the front for convenient upload of photos and videos. All are enclosed in a small aluminum box visually matching a Mac Mini design. ANIMAIONIC transforms the Mac Mini into a compact yet powerful macOS workstation.

ANIMAIONIC has been created within the independent graphic artist community, being made available for all creative individuals seeking good quality and reliable equipment at a great value. Embracing the potential of the Mac Mini, we set our goal to deliver an efficient and reliable workstation – our version of Mac Mini Pro.


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