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Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is to be revealed, with its unpacking planned to happen on 7th August 2019 in New York. The Samsung Note 10 is expected to be coming out in a few different variants, depending on the sizes. This may also lead to different prices and more specs for the variant priced at a higher rate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

With the release of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus, and now the Galaxy Note 10 Samsung have made a bold statement; it won’t let Apple and OnePlus take over the market that easily.

Samsung has always inclined the specs and features of its handsets towards productivity. It has shown over the years that each smartphone it launches is somewhat better than its predecessor.

Now, with the word of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch going around people have already been become curious as to how the Galaxy Note 11 will be? Well here are some rumors and leaks which we believe are going to be possessed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 11.

Rumors and leaks on Samsung Galaxy Note 11

Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 11 launch date is somewhere in the mid-2020. Why so? Well, because Samsung usually launches its handsets around the same time of year, every year. As proof, you check out the release dates of their previous flagships. The previous handsets have been launched around the month of April or August.

So, you can say that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 11 or Galaxy Note 2020 (as there is no officially pre-decided name, yet) somewhere near August.


There is not much surety when it comes to what exact name the Galaxy Note 2020 may have, but we will regard it as the Galaxy Note 11 or Note 2020 for now. Samsung has made changes to the names of its handsets when they are expected to become too long. A long name is a bit of a turnoff, due to which the user of short names is considered a better option. Samsung can shift the path by naming the next Note as Galaxy Note X1 or keep it as Galaxy Note 11.

Galaxy Note 11 Storage

The storage capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 is expected to range somewhere between 128mb to 1Tb depending upon the variant you choose. There will a huge difference in prices regarding storage capacity.

Galaxy Note 11 Display

The Galaxy Note 10 has a display varying between 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches. For many customers, 6.8 inches is a bit absurd and too big. In such cases, Samsung might reduce the screen size down to 6.6 inches in order to avoid any dissatisfaction. Hence the Galaxy Note 11 is expected to have an AMOLED display residing between the ranges of 6.3 inches to 6.6 inches.

The display is also expected to be an infinity screen; meaning the whole display will act a touch screen. Due to this, the variation in prices may come depending upon the storage capacity and display size.

Galaxy Note 11 Camera

While the Galaxy S11 is rumored to have a quad-camera, with a 12MP+12MP+16MP+13MP camera along with an f/1.5 and f/2.4 varying aperture. However, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 11, there are rumors that it may possess a 64MP quad-camera.

Now coming the Stylus pen which Samsung brought with its Galaxy S10 series. That S-pen has an additional optical camera zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities. The Galaxy Note 11 would also be embedded with such technology.

Note 11 Embedded with 5G technology

Samsung already declared in its Galaxy S11 that it would come with 5G capabilities. And, given that the Galaxy Note 11 is going to be launched after the S11, we can expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 to also possess the same technology. However, until an official statement is made, all we can do is use these rumors to satisfy our curiosity.

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