Attendance Management Software

Increase Your Employee Utilization with Attendance Management Software in 2019

Attendance Management Software

Every commercial undertaking has an outlook to the achievement of its business objectives. This vision has to be translated into small fragments, and the responsibilities are allocated to the staff members as per their job profiles. The management makes a workload distribution as per the organization structure and employees in each vertical. But the availability of these staff members is also to be considered before arriving at any conclusion on the distribution of the workflow.

In the managerial scope, the portions of work assigned to an individual employee are to be considered with the prerequisite and subsequent activities. The lean management philosophies also emphasize on the effective use of flexible work completed in time. But the problem in the Indian subcontinent is the use of attendance processing methods which resemble the ones in the elementary schools in totality.

This article narrates the implementation of the Attendance Management Software specifically for increasing employee utilization without making any changes in the infrastructure of the company. Have a glance to view some factual information on the subject.

Use the technological advancements for marking employee movement instead of musters:

The AMS solutions completely replace the paper-based method of marking the staff’s movement in the office premises. It uses the biometric machines where employees make punches on the cyber-physical systems. This eliminates the need for human supervision and increases the accuracy of the recording process. The information of all the employees is synchronized with the system database either on a real-time basis or as per the configuration made by the administrator.

The Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal is also used for the marking of attendance. This feature is a great advantage for the educated and office staff. Advanced Geo-fencing technology is also used by AMS. By using it, the attendance is marked automatically upon the employee entering the office premises, and exit punch is recorded on leaving the office. Every sort of process is, therefore eliminated by the AMS and the company gets accurate and reliable data irrespective of the number of employees in the organization.

Because of the inclusion of all the modes of marking employee movement on a common platform, the streamlined data processing helps to increase the utilization of each staff member without mismanagement of the attendance processing.

Fighting systematic risks of the attendance processing by transferring the liabilities to automation:

When a business uses manual processing, the amount of data to be recorded and processed becomes a major problem. The musters and registers have to be checked, and manual data entry in the Spreadsheets consumes time and effort in large quantum. But the possibility of overlooking the data or errors in the manual processing cannot be denied.

Attendance Management Software solutions use the computerization for compiling and computation purposes. As the data is recorded digitally, there is no scope of falsification of the information such as buddy punching or time theft at any level. On the other hand, all the employees’ information is processed by computerized systems, which makes the process virtually error-free. The HR can rely on the automation for entire attendance management and use the system for all the company locations. The size of the organization does not affect reliability, which is a great advantage. 

The strategic benefit of personalized timekeeping:

If the personalized management of the timekeeping is that the output of each employee is measured with accuracy. The time spent by them in the company premises is tracked by the system. Even the employees at the client location are covered in the system to ensure proper billing and their remuneration. As the computerization replaces manual processing, the payroll is also benefitted. The attendance is fundamental pay component based on which all other calculations are made. 

The utilization of the employee at an optimal level is necessary as the salary is the largest expense made by any company. Therefore, it should be controlled, and the productive output is maintained. The leave policy enforcement is done by the time and attendance management system, which ensures the adequate presence of the human resources throughout the year. The labor deficits are dangerous to business as the work suffers due to the uninformed absence or lack of systematic approach by the company. This is the reason for migrating to Attendance Management Software in 2019.

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