Author: Kelsey Johnson

5 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Time on Mobile Phone 0

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Time on Smart Phone With Parental Control App

Do you face difficulty summoning your kids for dinner? Do you often need to nudge them for focusing on studies? Yes? Well, you are not alone. There are plenty like you facing issues with kids’ disobedience and lack of attention.   But, why? Because the so-called technology blessing – the mobile phones- are a time-consuming...

Screen Time Limits Help kids keep healthy balance 0

How Parental Control app helps Screen Time Limits kids keep healthy balance

Why do kids need screen time limits? Extended screen time is often the culprit for reducing family time. No one wants to lose their family time to digital devices. But staying away from the cell phones is far tricky than said. So, what can be the best solution? It all starts with digital parenting. While...