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Everything You Should Consider Before Selling Your Device

Technology is changing faster than expected. The latest gadget models are being released constantly and come with new, exciting functions and features. However, some people may not know where to throw their old belongings. Selling your property can be a great way to get some of the purchase price. However, there are some significant issues that retailers like Tech City need to solve before selling.

Before selling your device for cash on your phone, here are some essential things to consider.

  1.   Cash for Phones: Why Do You Sell Your Device?
  •         You Need Extra Money
  •         Old Phones Damage the Environment
  •         You Will be Helping Others
  1.   Things to Do When Selling Your Phone
  •         Clean your Device
  •         Gather all Accessories
  •         Research the Selling Price
  •         Transfer the Data to Other Devices before getting cash for your phone
  •         Wipe Clean the Data
  •         Delete all Online Accounts
  •         Remove the SIM and SD Cards
  •         Unpair Devices from iPhone
  •         Perform the Factory Restoration

Cash for Phones: Why Do You Sell Your Device?

Here are the reasons to sell your phones for cash.

You Need Extra Money

The easiest way to increase your income is to sell your old phone. Whether you want to spend money on a new phone or need fast cash, selling your old device will help you complete your objectives.

Old Phones Damage the Environment

Keeping old phones results in environmental degradation. Lead and mercury are among these harmful components. If not treated carefully, they can contaminate the soil and water. When selling your device, you can be confident it will be recycled or reused. This will save the environment.

You Will be Helping Others

By selling your old phone, you will be helping someone. They will own a good working phone at a lower cost. This can mainly be good for people who need help to buy branded devices. Also, device owners can get cash for phones.

Things to Do When Selling Your Phone

Selling your phone can be an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash or replace it with a new device. Before you do this, complete these steps. These will ensure that you have a phone ready for sale.

Clean your Device

Ensure your phone is physically clean before listing it in the market.

  •         Wipe the screen using a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution.
  •         Remove the dirt or fingerprints.

A clean phone is more attractive than a dirty one, implying it is well-maintained.

Gather all Accessories

Check all your phone accessories, including the charger, headphones, and the original box. Displaying these gadgets during your sale. This will help increase your phone’s value, attract more customers, and have cash for phones.

Research the Selling Price

Device owners should check out the websites of online marketplaces to learn about the market rate. Pricing your phone will be another critical aspect because buyers will consider products within their price range.

Transfer the Data to Other Devices

Transfer critical data, such as photos, contracts, and documentation, to another device or cloud storage. This prevents the loss of important information and helps you keep everything necessary explained by Tech City experts.

Wipe Clean the Data

When selling your smartphone, the crucial thing to do is erase the data. Perform a factory reset to clean up all your details. This will restore your phone to its factory configuration. This is a vital step to follow for cash for phones.

Delete all Online Accounts

Log out of all your online accounts before selling off your phone. This involves social media accounts, email accounts, and finance apps for online banking activities.

Remove the SIM and SD Cards

Before selling the device, you should remove the SIM card and any other SD card. This will keep the information safe, and you can transfer the data to your new device.

Unpair Devices from iPhone

If you offer an iPhone, remember to remove and unpair it from the Apple Watch or AirPods before selling the phone for instant cash. This will allow new users to connect their devices to the iPhone.

Perform the Factory Restoration

After you have made all the necessary settings for the phone, you should perform the last factory reset. This will ensure that all your personal information has been erased and the phone is ready for the new owner.


Device owners should learn about the things to consider before selling their devices for cash for phones. You should clean your device, gather all accessories, and research the selling price. Also, transfer the data, clean the data, delete all online accounts, and remove the SIM and SD cards. You should unpair devices from your iPhone and perform the factory restoration. Contact repair shops like Tech City to learn more about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before selling my phone?

Before selling your phone, you should gather all its accessories, transfer data to another device, log out, and remove all online accounts. You should remove the SIM and SD cards and hard reset the phone to wipe out personal data before you go for cash for phones.

Does the factory reset or remove all data?

The factory reset will erase the phone’s data and return it to its initial state. This will completely wipe out all personal information, such as apps, settings, and contacts.

What to know when selling your phone?

When selling your phone, you must clean it well, gather all accessories, and research its worth. You should also transfer data to another device, log out of online accounts, remove SIM and SD cards, and perform a factory reset.

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