Impact of Cloud Service in Mobile Industry

Cloud computing

Mobile apps development has become universal in this mobile-driven world. The domain is growing at a speedy pace with the arrival of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and AR. But, the introduction of cloud technology is the frosting on the cake. Cloud mobile app development or cloud-based mobile app development is obtaining spot swiftly in the corporate sector. Across the world, entrepreneurs have started adopting cloud technology for their business processes. According to a survey, cloud data markets will take … Read more

How To Search For A Trustworthy Mobile Repair Shop?

Mobile Phone repair

When common smartphone issues compel users to seek desired assistance at the time of need, most of them fail to get expected results due to the incompetent services of mobile repair technicians. To avoid your device from receiving any further damages or failures it is crucial to get the support of a reliable professional cell phone repair company.

5 Tech Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Trend Technology

In today’s world of business, customer service is critical. Excellent customer service is mandatory if you want your business to remain successful. Often times customers use the quality of customer care you provide to base their judgement of your company’s effectiveness. That means that you can quickly lose them if you neglect that aspect of your business. The market of today is buyer-driven. The consumer has a lot of alternatives to choose from and customer care is often the only … Read more

3 things mobile needs to beat Nintendo Switch

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When the Nintendo Switch launched last year, mobile and console gaming had an intriguing new competitor. The biggest danger Nintendo’s platform poses is that it’s very competent at both providing the console experience on your TV and offering mobile play while on the go. While Switch offers portability and the TV experience, core consoles do provide a better experience in a number of different areas However, it’s not quite the one console to rule them all. It does have its … Read more

Best Ways to Integrate Security Into Mobile App Development


Over the past few years, smartphone users are talking more and more about security in mobile app development. A large number of businesses nowadays believe that security in mobile applications can be integrated at later stages, which is the one thing that needs to be discarded right from the word go. Security in mobile apps is always considered as secondary, and mobile applications development companies must consider integrating it into the initial stages. Leaving it for the later stages can … Read more

Sky Mobile to offer 20GB Piggybank Data on new iPhone XR deals


Apple fans that want to cash in on the latest iPhone XR are in for a treat from Sky Mobile when it comes to their data. The handset – pre-orders for which kick off tomorrow morning – on contract will come with a hefty 20GB of Piggybank Data with prices starting at £34 per month. The Piggybank Data is a 20GB block that can be used over the length of your contract as a supplement to your usual monthly allowance. … Read more

PUBG Mobile version 8 adds Sanhok map, enhanced airdrops and many more tweaks

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There’s a new version of PUBG Mobile on the horizon and Tencent has released plenty of detail about this latest version of the game. The biggest change is the introduction of a new map, Sanhok. This takes the action into the rainforest, with classic south-east Asia architecture and names that make it look like it’s based on Vietnam. There are waterways transecting some of the landmass – great for those river patrol boats – and there are various larger settlements … Read more