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How to See MBOX File of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook?

Have you recently moved to Windows from a Mac system and shifted to critical MBOX files? Need to urgently transfer them to Windows Outlook? Wondering how to see the MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook? Looking for a simplified and effective way to implement the necessary task? No worries because in the article we have declared an exceptional approach i.e. MacMister MBOX to PST Mac Converter that will make you see MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook with accurate emails and attachments.

Why it is difficult to see MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook?

MBOX is a plain-text mailbox file for email storage. It is supported by a wide range of email applications, one of them being Apple Mail. Most of the Mac users make use of the email client because it is default and is compatible with several Mac platforms. It is also similar to Windows Outlook because the email platform handles user’s daily email communication, manages calendar events, takes care of contacts, and more.

Just like Apple Mail, Windows Outlook is also a default email client of Windows OS. It is a personal information manager as it also displays good data management ability when it comes to emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other items. And the way Apple Mail exports or archives user’s mailboxes into MBOX, in the same way Windows Outlook uses PST format.

Therefore, Apple Mail users have a hard time viewing MBOX files in Windows Outlook. Because the process requires conversion between their file formats. Due to the difference in the file extensions, users are unable to see the MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook.

How to See MBOX File of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook?

The easiest technique to see the MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook is MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac. The powerful method has a user-friendly interface so that technical and non-technical users can operate the software effortlessly and convert MBOX to PST to see MBOX files in Windows Outlook with accurate emails and attachments.

Moreover, the three-step process and advanced features will help users perform the process immediately according to their specific requirements. And if someone wants to test the process first, then it can be done by downloading the freeware version of the tool.

Working Steps to See MBOX File of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run the application on a Mac system.


Step 2. Add MBOX files with the help of Add File(s)/Add Folder options. The Add File(S) option will allow to addition of required MBOX files on the tool and Add Folder option helps in adding MBOX files folder on the tool for implementing batch conversion, if needed. Choose the option that is required and tap Next.


Step 3. The application will start listing MBOX files with already ticked checkboxes one by one. However, users can un-tick the checkboxes of unnecessary files and convert only the ticked files to PST, if needed. Click Next to continue.


Step 4. Go with the Select Saving Options and pick PST format.


Step 5. Set PST options as per requirements and click on the Export button.

Step 6. The conversion process will appear on the Live Conversion Report through which users can track the export status of MBOX files.


The tool will complete the entire task in a few seconds and show “Conversion Completed” message that confirms that the application has successfully finished the procedure. Tap the OK button and go to the location of PST files. However, import them into Windows by using any external drive or cloud-based service. After that, use the Windows Outlook Import/Export option to import the resultant files. Once the files are imported, open the required email to check the results. And, you will see that all the emails are appearing with correct content and formatting properties. Even, the layout will remain preserved throughout the process.

Why one should choose MacMister MBOX to PST Converter Mac?

MacMister MBOX to PST Converter Mac is designed with many beneficial features, some of which are:

  • Performs batch conversion at once and allows users to see MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook with ease.
  • Includes options such as Add File(S)/Add Folders to add MBOX files for conversion on the tool.
  • Preserves the original data of MBOX files during the process. It makes sure to protect their content and formatting properties throughout the process.
  • Supports many options that are useful in saving MBOX files as PST according to specific requirements.
  • Provides 15+ more options to convert MBOX files such as EML, EMLx, MHT, OLM, HTML, DOC, CSV, IMAP, G Suite, Yahoo, and more.
  • A simple user-friendly interface allow both technical and non-technical users to use the solution effortlessly.
  • Allows to implement the process on all Mac OS versions including Mac OS version.

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In the segment, we have highlighted the matchless process to fix “how to see MBOX file of Apple Mail in Windows Outlook”. The solution can be used by any Mac user as it is designed with a simplified and intuitive interface. Moreover, there are numerous solid features available that will help in getting the desirable results. One can download its trial edition to check the process of the tool for free. And, also convert the first 25 MBOX files into Outlook PST for format free of cost. Furthermore, users can use the same to see MBOX files of Apple Mail into 15+ other saving options such as EML, EMLx, MHT, DOC, OLM, CSV, IMAP, G Suite, Office 365, Gmail, and more.

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