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Uber Clone App

8 Advanced Features To Implement In Your Uber Clone App

8 Advanced Features To Implement In Your Uber Clone App

The digital world is helping users to get services with just a click. There is a rising demand for applications because of an increase in the service demands of customers. Entrepreneurs are wisely using this rise in need for services to base their business on it. Owning an application to market their work is helping business people gain a lot of revenue. Also, the app is helping entrepreneurs in multitudes to make their work complete fast in a more simplified way. 

Owning a taxi app can bridge the gap between drivers and owners. There is no need to contact the drivers and users every time to make a taxi booking. Rather approach the user more easily and make the booking fast with a taxi booking app like Uber style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Try a ready-made solution like the Uber clone app to create your taxi application. 

Advanced Features To Implement

  • Developing and using a customizable clone app is highly cost and time-efficient.  
  • The app can be white-labeled with the preferred language, currency, and branding of the businessperson’s choice.  
  • There are three separate apps that together constitute a functional Uber-like app. The different apps include a driver app, a passenger app, and a robust admin panel to manage and control both the driver and passenger app.  
  • The features of the passenger app include, secured payment modes, push notifications to receive alerts and updates about the taxi service, and other information. The passenger app also includes other features like the option of scheduling the ride, information about the estimated time of arrival of the driver, promo codes, ride history, and many more.
  • The driver app features include easy registration of drivers as per service providers, surge pricing to plan rides accordingly and toggle drivers availability. Additionally, the drivers can access their earnings through the earning tab, their transaction history, and even more features.
  • Admin panel hosts the robust platform which includes top-notch features like document verification, driver verification, trip report, earning report, payment details, and much more. 
  • Dispatcher panel features include registration, managing requests, profile creation, tips tracking, reviews, social media log-in, and feedback.
  • There are ways to earn passive income from advertisements and making contracts with interested companies.
  • The app can be launched both on the iOS and Android platforms for better reach and convenience to the customers. 

The entrepreneurs who have profoundly understood the benefits of the app are looking for a taxi app development company. It is possible to get quality white-labeled Uber taxi apps from AppDupe, a leading app development company. The applications are developed with highly advanced features to provide quality services to customers.  

The app is designed to seamlessly function on popular hosting platforms like Linux, AWS cloud server, and shared server. For location and navigation ease, their applications are integrated with the Google Maps application program interface. AppDupe’s Android applications are built on a high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. If you are looking for an app with all these features, contact AppDupe! 

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