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5 Best Nintendo Games OF 2019

Nintendo games are the root of the gaming world where the initial stage of dos games started and then it runs with the technology. Because of its creativity in the gaming world, people are very much fan of Nintendo games. The trend changes but Japanese multinational consumer electronics Nintendo never stop with the latest games and gadgets to its millions of fan.

Nintendo starts with the card company in 1889 which was the basic start of handmade cards which become popular till then new ventures introduce in 1974. So it becomes the best electronic game in 1975 where Nintendo first venture turns into the video game industry. The begging of video game consoles gives the success in “The Game & Watch” then the consoles updated to game boy, Super Nintendo, visual boy, Nintendo 64, Gameboy color, Game boy advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo Switch. This was not the stop of Nintendo Company to the game world, as we can see that today millions of gamers are playing games mostly on Smartphone like Android and iOS then so Nintendo works with the 3ds emulator to play Nintendo games in Smartphone but it is officially launched by Nintendo itself, if you know then comment us.

We are introducing the latest Nintendo games which are initially released in this year, if you are Nintendo fan then you must check this out so it never missed from your eyes.

1#. Yoshi’s Crafted World:

Yoshi’s is the side-scrolling platform video game introduced by Nintendo switch. The game has the 3D characters that move on a 2.5D plane, and the capacity to toss eggs at the view and different components of the closer view and foundation.

The player may utilize Yoshi’s tongue to eat foes or different articles, transform them into eggs, and toss them ostensibly into the dimension. The amusement includes a two-player multiplayer mode.

Focus Information:

•    Developer: Good-Feel

•    Publisher: Nintendo

•    Director: Masahiro Yamamoto

•    Producer: Etsunobu Ebisu

•    Takashi Tezuka

•    Programmer: Yasuhiro Masuoka

•    Artist: Ayano Otsuka

•    Composer: Kazufumi Umeda

•    Series: Yoshi

•    Engine: Unreal Engine 4

•    Platform: Nintendo Switch

•    Release: March 29, 2019

•    Genre: Platform, side-scrolling

•    Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

2#. Pokémon Sword and Shield:

This Pokémon game is a type of Role-playing a video game which will be releasing in 2019. In this game one of the numerous districts in the Pokémon world with a vast and tight territory of land.

The locale itself and its numerous tourist spots give off an impression of being intensely propelled by Great Britain, for example, a clock tower and royal residence which look like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and a slope landmark taking after the Cerne Abbas Giant.

Focus Information:

•    Developer: Game Freak

•    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

•    Director: Shigeru Ohmori

•    Producer: Junichi Masuda

•    Series: Pokémon

•    Platform: Nintendo Switch

•    Release: Late in 2019

•    Genre: Role-playing

•    Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

3#. Tetris 99:

Tetris game of Nintendo is the history which started with the colorless screen and now the brightest color appears. It is a free online multiplayer version where players play against one another in the meantime, with the expectation to be the last player remaining. Likewise, with the customary Tetris recipe, players turn and drop molded blocks known as tetrominoes onto a board.

Focus Information:

•    Developer: Arika

•    Publisher: Nintendo

•    Series: Tetris

•    Platform: Nintendo Switch

•    Release: February 13, 2019

•    Genre: Puzzle, battle royale

•    Mode: Multiplayer

4#. Luigi’s Mansion 3:

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the other version of Mario Bros where Mario has more missions to pass. This game is not much updated in details to the internet but we know that this game launch in Nintendo Switch. The Luigi’s goes to the haunted house and catch the ghost with the secret ghost catcher machine and also scare them or kill them with the powerful torch light holed to his hand.

Focus Information:

•    Initial release date: 2019

•    Series: Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion Series

•    Publisher: Nintendo

•    Developer: TBA mariowiki.com

•    Platform: Nintendo Switch

5#. Super Mario Maker 2:

Mario series always get success because of the highly fun and the character that loved by millions of fans from all around the world. This Super Mario Maker 2 is the upcoming game and will be released in 2019. More delay means more perfection in the game we will get.

Focus Information:

•    Developer: Nintendo

•    Publisher: Nintendo

•    Series: Super Mario

•    Platform: Nintendo Switch

•    Release: June 28, 2019

•    Genre: Level editor, platform

•    Mode:  Single-player

There are many other Nintendo games which are already released or will be coming soon to be introduced to the world of Nintendo. We hope you like this article.

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