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Most Effective Techniques to Promote Your Product and Services

For a business to succeed in promoting new products and services, it has to invest in advertising. Combining a great product with great and engaging advertising tips is a good way to inspire potential customers. While promoting new products and services is not easy, there are specific techniques you can use to attract clients. Here are six of these factors.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

To sell a new product successfully, the first thing to do is get it out so that the customers can see it. It doesn’t matter how good a product is because as long as clients don’t know it exists, they can’t buy it. You have to use word-of-mouth advertising then to tell potential clients about the product. This works because it’s easy for a client to refer a friend based on their first-hand experience with the products or services you are selling


Everyone loves gifts. Giveaways are an easy strategy to market and promote your services and products in a short time. They generate a lot of responses, and while they tend to attract people whose interest is not your company but the gifts, this is a strategy with great potential, especially if there are clear goals and requirements.


Advertising through banners is one of the best ways to reactivate existing clients and attract new ones. Your strategy should be to come up with innovative, captivating, and unique ads with eye-catching designs and of high quality. Brand awareness and visibility are what make you stand out. It makes an advertisement memorable. You can get high response rates by marketing through display banners. When looking for the best ‘outdoor banner stands‘, the internet is a good place to start. Several companies specialize in banner creation and you can order from their websites.

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Facebook Ads

As of 9/2019, Facebook had more than 2.45 billion MAU (monthly active users). This is a huge market. This is what makes Facebook ads very efficient marketing tools. According to techbusiness101 Facebook is useful because it targets your audience based on their location, gender, interests, age, and many more. There are many types of ads to choose from, and you can choose how much to spend every day of every month. This means you can’t go above your budget.

Facebook Ads

Community Involvement and Networking

As earlier mentioned, speaking about your products and services to potential clients is among the most efficient ways of bringing awareness about them. What’s the best way to do so than by taking advantage of conferences, trade shows, community events, or any other networking activities to showcase your products?

Finding Influencers

Influencers have many fans, subscribers, and followers who quickly respond to their recommendations and endorsements. What you should do is look for such influencers within the market you are targeting and promote your products through them.

Provide a Solution to Clients’ Needs

Your products and services should offer solutions to existing problems. In your marketing material, focus on letting clients know how your products will help clients achieve their goals. Research the difficulties that will be lessened by your product or the situations that are improved. When a product does these things, clients will buy it.


It’s important to plan your advertising strategy as it will guide you in determining the right ways of promoting your goods and services. It will also help you measure success based on the set goals. Thus, it will be easy to tell where your strategies need changes. It’s always good to use all the tactics and channels available when marketing. This, together with the above techniques of promoting new products and services, will help you get maximum exposure without spending a lot of money.

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