Most Effective Techniques to Promote Your Product and Services

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For a business to succeed in promoting new products and services, it has to invest in advertising. Combining a great product with great and engaging advertising tips is a good way to inspire potential customers. While promoting new products and services is not easy, there are specific techniques you can use to attract clients. Here are six of these factors. Word-of-Mouth Advertising To sell a new product successfully, the first thing to do is get it out so that the … Read more

Using a Newsletter to Promote a New Product – What You Should Know


Releasing a new product in your business lineup is always a big moment. There are the excitement and anticipation as to what kind of interest the release will draw, but there is also fear that all will go smoothly and that it will be received in a positive light. While there are all kinds of steps that businesses can, and should take in terms of process and the announcement, one avenue that tends to generate engagement is a digital newsletter … Read more

How to Efficiently Manage Product Orders Online?

Manage Product Orders

There is no doubt in the fact that the e-commerce set up has opened a whole new doorway for people to make money and establish their businesses. And, if you also have been running your own e-commerce store then you would know how crucial just about every aspect of running your own business is – no matter whether it is offline or online. And specifically when we talk about running an e-commerce store then there are umpteen aspects of running … Read more

5 things to keep in mind when designing a product for developers

5 things to keep in mind when designing a product for developers 796x417

Ever since the beginning of time, there have been two kinds of people: The left-brainers – methodical thinkers who uses their logical and analytical skills to solve problems; and the right-brainers who tend to rely on feeling and intuition, are driven by inspiration and often think in a visual way.In today’s tech c… The Next Web

Developer Insights Series: App Store Product Page


With iOS 11 there are even more elements of the product page that help to drive discoverability and downloads. The people behind Concepts, Grokker, TypeShift, War Dragons, and codeSpark Academy share how they use each metadata element on the App Store product page to encourage users to download their apps. Watch the film … News – Apple Developer