Digital Ecommerce Solutions-Transforming Today’s Retail Landscape

The business world has come of the age, where brick and mortar stores are taking a backseat against the immense potential or digital ecommerce solutions. People are leaving very fast lifestyle, where it is becoming exceedingly difficult to reach for a supermarket to buy the essentials. People need solutions which are mobile and can deliver value, more than ever before. E-commerce is generally referred to the process of business transaction, buying, selling, or providing services on an online platform. It is not always about buying or selling, but e-commerce solutions has strong foothold in the domain of electronic money exchange, internet marketing & advertising, supply chain management, electronic data interface to name a few. Due to IoT the volume of e-commerce has gone up exponentially over the years. However, there are still vast untapped potential, waiting to be explored, but only for those who wish to adopt or evolve with the latest solutions.

Omni channel Commerce Service

The latest consumer behavior is challenging traditional infrastructure, forcing organizations to adopt the latest practices in e-commerce. Outdated retail platforms fail to penetrate because of their lack of ability to identify potential customer touch points and limit customer experience. Omni channel consumer service enables organizations to give a more personal experience to consumers. This is made possible with the help of advance analytics which does the hard work for you behind the scenes. Let us have a look at some benefits of the same.

  • Consistent delivery of content and other relevant product information, which creates a pleasant digital experience across web, mobile, and other social platforms.
  • A detailed look at the existing inventory which helps to unify payment option through different channels.
  • Enables flexible pickup schedules for consumer.
  • Increasing order visibility and traceability.
  • Empower customer care department with advance analytical data, to facilitate better decision making.
  • Assisted selling is made possible through AI Chatbots.

Digital transformation of business

It is important to look beyond marginal enhancement and re-create processes to optimize customer experience. It is about customer centricity and agile transformation of business landscape. It can only be done if cost reduction and increase in efficiency can take place in a sustainable manner, for which advance solution are required. Let us have a look at some of the innovative solutions on offer.

  • Distributed order management- Most of the times it is seen that organizations do face a lot of difficulty in order visibility. Purchase to pay process seems to be uphill tasks for bigger organizations. Therefore, the need of the hour is a distributed system which could optimize orders across different channels with a single window view of the inventory movement. Only if managers have clarity over inbound and outbound logistics along with inventory, there can be productivity.
  • Introduction of smart shelves – These enables customers to browse through endless aisle in retail setup. The idea is to place digital screens strategically, which would endlessly supply customers with product information.

Advance store analytics- Nowadays business has come off to a point where, no decision can be taken based on rudimentary information. Organizations do need real time inventory data, which goes beyond just normal stock taking. Efficiency of the organization can be measured by the traceability of its products. Ideally a product should be traceable right from it BOM (bill of material) to end user. Managers need to have data regarding sales conversion funnel which will help in further strategy formation.

  • Omni channel transformation – B2B transformation is necessary for a more personalized product recommendation, shopping cart customization and product navigation.
  • Empowering store personnel- It is very important to empower store personnel with detailed product knowledge and interpersonal skills to offer supreme customer delight.
  • Proximity marketing – Organizations do require a single platform to unlock the vast potentials of proximity marketing. It is basically a localized wireless distribution of contents for advertisements. Digital transmissions can be received via different devices on spot, which facilitates real time flow of information.

With the rise in competition, it is very important to retain customer every time, for which delivering post purchase experience to consumer is very important. 360degree engagement programs are must which enhances the interaction value and materializes transactions easily. Therefore, organizations must re-imagine the process and re-define the future customer journey based on past data collected.

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