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WiFi Not Working – How to Troubleshoot WiFi and Router Issues

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WiFi is a popular way to access the Internet with numerous end devices. The wireless Internet connection only requires a sufficiently strong signal to enable Internet access. But the WiFi signal is not free from errors. The reasons for non-functioning WiFi can be varied, but at the same time, they can often be remedied quickly and easily.

Always Check The Wireless Router

Many problems with the WiFi can be traced back to the router. If the router is not set up properly or is malfunctioning, it will not be able to send out a proper WiFi signal. Each user can see whether the router is working properly by looking at the attached LEDs. If they light up green, there is a constant internet connection. However, if the lights are red or not lit, there are problems directly with the router. There are several ways to fix router problems. A restart of the device is often sufficient. This means it will be switched off and restarted after a waiting period of at least 30 seconds. For many routers, a reboot causes the network connection to be renewed, allowing the device to broadcast a WiFi signal.

Activate WiFi Signal On Router

The routers can broadcast the WiFi signal automatically, but they can also be deactivated manually by pressing the button on the device. If your router has been turned off, the WiFi signal can no longer be emitted. To fix this problem, check if you have turned off your router. 

Change The Mac Address Of The Router

The MAC address is a central part of every network adapter and is assigned individually. The address is used to identify the router in the computer network uniquely. On some routers, however, a MAC filter is active. If a user with a new device tries to connect to the router on which a MAC filter has been activated, the filter prevents a connection. The user must manually adjust the MAC address to enable a WiFi connection.

Use A Correct WiFi Password.

The WiFi is protected against unauthorized access by a fixed password. At the same time, the password prevents strangers in the network from being able to spy on other users. Encrypting the WiFi network as a password is a common form of protection. When setting up the router, the owner can set a password and change it if necessary. If the user tries to access a password-protected WiFi network, he must enter the password correctly. Since the WiFi password is case-sensitive and requires the correct character to be entered, the user must enter the code with the same characters. A WiFi connection is usually established as soon as the correct password has been typed in.

Update Device Drivers And Software

Only an up-to-date driver with the right software guarantees that the router will work smoothly. Outdated software prevents the router from functioning properly. As a result, the router cannot establish a network connection and send a WiFi signal. The router drivers and software must be updated periodically to ensure proper network connectivity. Problems with the network driver or the WiFi adapter of the router occur particularly frequently under Windows 10. The driver update must be carried out on all devices that enable WiFi operation. This primarily includes the WiFi adapter or WiFi stick and the router. The manufacturer of the respective router makes the required drivers available for download free of charge on their website. Since the WiFi signal is disturbed, a connection with a network cable can enable a download. However, if no drivers are available for your router, it should be exchanged and replaced with a newer model.

Adjust The Range Of The WiFi Signal

If the router is working properly and the latest drivers have been installed, but the WiFi signal is weak, the problem, in this case, may be the range of the signal. WiFi signals are only short-range, so they often do not cover your entire house. You can use a WiFi repeater to expand the WiFi signal and thus achieve a greater range. The WiFi repeaters are a machine that can increase WiFi coverage by boosting the WiFi signal. To check whether the range of the signal is the cause of a faulty WiFi connection, you should test the signal as close as possible to the router. The signal is the strongest right next to the router, which decreases with increasing distance.

Interfered Signal From Walls Or Electrical Devices

Although the WiFi signal is capable of providing a network connection over long distances, walls and other electrical devices can interfere with the signal. Particularly thick walls prevent a sufficiently strong connection between the end device and the router from being established. The user should slowly increase the distance if the connection works next to the router. As soon as the network connection is no longer constant, the user should place a WiFi repeater or install a more powerful WiFi adapter in the affected area.

Interfered by a WiFi Jammer

A WiFi jammer, or WiFi blocker, is a device that can block the entire WiFi network within a certain number of meters. It can emit an interfered signal to disrupt the data transmission between the router and your computer or smartphone. WiFi jammers are usually used where internet access is not allowed. It can also protect you from being tapped or monitored by spy gadgets. If the WiFi jammer blocks your router, all devices connecting with that router will be disconnected. You will lose the connection completely. 

Role General Network Problem

Sometimes, a faulty WiFi connection is not due to network interference or a short distance. Since general network problems cannot be ruled out, the connection error may lie directly with the provider. The connection can be briefly interrupted if a storm or construction work occurs. However, if important cables are damaged, the repair work continues so that no Internet connection can be established for several hours. However, if the faulty WiFi signal has been present for several days, the provider can rule out a general connection error. A call to the provider often helps to rule out the suspicion of a general network problem. The provider also carries out remote maintenance if required. During the remote evaluation, a test is started, which checks the internet signal. The provider’s free service number is standard in the documents that every user receives when the contract is concluded.

Ask Other Network Users

If more than one person uses the WiFi, other users may have made general changes to the network settings. For example, if a user shares the router with family or friends, one of the other users may have changed the password or deactivated the driver, among other things. In this case, all network users should always be questioned to rule out errors on the part of the users. If changes have been made, a faulty WiFi connection can be quickly corrected by asking questions.

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