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Why the Django Framework for Python is an Excellent Pick for Custom Software Development

Django Framework for Python

If you’re diving into the Python world for the first time, chances are that your research also introduced you to the web frameworks world. Through the automation of the implementation of redundant tasks, frameworks cut the time of development and allow custom software development providers to focus greatly on app logic instead of routine elements. 

Since it’s one of the leading programming languages today, there is an abundance of Python frameworks. Various frameworks have their own set of benefits as well as drawbacks. Thus, when it comes to choosing what framework to use, it should be made based on project requirements and the preference of the developer

The Case of Django Framework

Many software application development processes today utilize the Python programming language. One of the many web frameworks based on Python is Django. It’s high-level that emphasizes quick development and practical, simple design. 

At its heart, the framework is all about making the developer’s life easy, removing the burden of low-grade web development tasks, which enable you to focus on making an app instead of befuddling around with the small details. And the free and open-source nature makes it a great choice.

Why Django is Excellent for Custom Application Development

1. Comes with a Full Suite of Out-of-the-Box Features

Essentially, web app frameworks are a kit or suite of components required by web apps to run. Consider a framework as a template, which developers could use when mapping and creating recurring app solutions. This saves a lot of time and resources, thus you could focus your efforts instead on custom functions and features, which make your app unique. 

Django shines above the rest because it comes with more robust features than other web frameworks, providing developers everything that they need to create code out-of-the-box. 

2.  Scalable

The framework is great for growing organizations. Websites such as Facebook and Pinterest, as well as publications like the Washington Post, started with Django. The framework was conceived by an online news company that wanted to create dependable Python web apps. 

At its heart, Django is composed of numerous components tied together to work out-of-the-box. The components depend on each other, meaning that you could always take out and add the components you particularly need. Think of it as making your own personal computer; you could always choose which parts to purchase and what not to, or which functions require more power. 

3. Load of Packages

Django, being a Python-based framework, has roots in the Python community, meaning that there are also various tools and packages that users could access. the Python Package Index or the PyPI has over 3,000 software packages based on the framework. 

Don’t forget, the framework is designed with out-of-the-box functionality, which means that it would already have the basic feature that a lot of developers would have to start immediately. 

4. Tried and Tested

Django indeed is a brilliant framework, which has stood the test of time. Many years of stable support is a lifetime in the software and web apps work, and the fact that the framework is heavily used, making it much more impressive. 

The framework, through the years, has undergone numerous changes, releasing new features that range from more functionality to plug holes to patches in security, Django as a matter of fact is one of the first frameworks to respond to vulnerabilities in security. 

5. Security

When it comes to security, Django truly shines, preventing a lot of security issues common in other languages, such as PHP. For instance, it prevents direct online access to a web application, or the source code of a website via dynamic web pages, coursing information sent to browsers via the templates. The security of a Django-based app of course depends on how it is used, and the skills of the developer displaying the framework.  

6. Excellent Documentation

One factor that sets Django above the other frameworks is the documentation level supporting it. At the time of its release, documentation was a revolutionary concept. Even at present, many other frameworks still have an unintuitive collection of methods, modules, and attributes simply listed alphabetically. 

For some, documentation may not be a big deal, but it’s a godsend for those who need it. Good documentation could help save many hours of stressful trial and error or implementation that’s pointless. 

7. Suitable for any Project

The framework suits any project, whether web or mobile. You can as a matter of fact handle projects of any capacity and size, whether it’s a high-load pp or a seamless website. Mostly because it works with a lot of major databases, and enables the use of a database that’s more suitable in a specific project, or multiple databases at the same time. 

It’s actually equipped with an object-relational mapper or ORM that provides a layer between a database and a developer, which makes it possible to move or migrate apps to other databases with just little lines of code change. 

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When it comes to custom software development with Python, Django is one of the most effective ways of building a web app using bits of prewritten code. The many advantages of the framework above could be summarized into time-saving, effort-saving, and most of all cost-saving. 

Moreover, the framework is highly scalable, which could be leveraged by developers for creating small projects and move on later to developing complex apps that could handle huge volumes of data and heavy user traffic. Regardless of what your idea may be, Django could be the best fit for your business project. 

Author Bio: Tara Maples is a tech geek and an enthusiast writer whose aim is to create informative and compelling content to help readers navigate through the vast and ever-changing IT Sector. Please visit here to know more about her company.

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