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Top 7 Advantages of Outsourcing your PHP Development Project to India

Outsourcing PHP Development

Outsourcing IT services to India is not a new trend, it has been going on for decades. Most of the IT projects are outsourced in India only. And from all of that, PHP development services hold a major share in it. 

Outsourcing your next PHP development project in India is an opportunity worth grabbing. There are many benefits that you can gain through it. In this blog, we will discuss them in detail.

Why outsource PHP web development in India?

In-house development can be a messy and complex process while outsourcing has proved to be a hassle-free process. But why should you outsource your net PHP project to India only? Well, you will get your answers over here.

1. Access To Expert PHP Developers

Finding skilled and talented PHP developers on your own is a challenging task. The outsourcing companies in India can provide them for your PHP project. Whenever you hire a PHP development company, you immediately get access to the pool of talented PHP developers.

The developers employed at the Indian companies are very dependable as they are backed with a long experience in the industry and are skilled at several PHP development frameworks. If given the chance, they never fail to impress their clients with extraordinary results.

2. Customized Solutions

When you hire a PHP outsourcing company, you can develop customized solutions to meet your business requirements. Though developing custom solutions can be a little complex process, it brings out the uniqueness in the software application. PHP developers in India are highly proficient at the development of compatible business software solutions.

3. Latest Technologies and Methodologies Are Used

The technologies and practices keep changing and evolving continuously in the IT sector. PHP is no different. Though it has been decades since its initial release, it has survived in the face of time just because it keeps adapting to the latest trends and technologies.

We are living in an information age, it’s a modern age of the internet as well as data science. And the problems associated with it will also be modern. Hence, modern problems will require modern solutions. You and your PHP web app must be armed with the latest technologies and security practices.

It will not only offer far better results, but it will also help keep your customers and the users of the software applications happy. The best thing: it would provide you a market position at the top of your industry. 

4. Deliver Projects Faster

Whenever there is a project in development, it should get completed within a predetermined timeline. It is certainly difficult with complex projects such as software and web development.

This is impossible unless you have a team of expert developers that have experience working on many similar projects at your disposal. Otherwise, there are no chances that anyone can face all the complexities and still complete the PHP development project on time.

Outsourcing your PHP project means handing it over to the experts that can complete the project as quickly as possible. This will also increase the chance of landing more clients as everybody would want to get their project done as soon as possible.

5. Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

Hiring an outsourcing firm can be very expensive and there may be some hidden costs that are extorted by the companies sitting abroad. – This is a rumor amongst the business domains. If you don’t believe then compare the costs of in-house development with outsourcing and you will get your answer.

Of course, the initial investment in outsourcing is high but in the long run, it is cost-effective as in the long term PHP outsourcing saves the money from the operations which are costly in in-house development. Outsourcing also saves the money which was spent on staff and architecture.

6. Support and Maintenance

The support and maintenance services for PHP development in India are unparalleled. They claim to resolve issues under 24 hours and offer 24/7 customer services. PHP outsourcing agencies in India can aid you with calls, chats, and emails to solve queries in the least possible time.

7. Focus On Business Goals

Now, when you outsource a project to a PHP development company in India, you need to have no worries about it anymore. This allows you and your business team to focus on your KPIs and other core strengths of your business.

All you need to do is provide the outsourcing team with enough information regarding the PHP development project and then have to wait until the project is delivered. If you aren’t happy with the result then you can let them know to improvise. 

BONUS – IT Act 2000

The IT sector has grown remarkably in India because of the IT Act India, 2000. Technology parks are built across India providing better infrastructure for software development companies. Also, the government is constantly promoting IT services in India.


PHP development projects can be a complex task but you can undertake them very easily. As you have read in this article, outsourcing your PHP project to India can be very advantageous.

India is a growing economy and its government is creating great policies to make it a hub for offshore software development. Indian software companies are experts at development especially in PHP. in short, if you are thinking of dealing with a PHP outsourcing company in India then consider it as a no-loss deal. Cheers!

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