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User-Friendly Solution to Import An OLM File into MS Outlook for Windows

How Can I Import an OLM File Into Windows Email Outlook? For mass import of an OLM file into Outlook for Windows (PST) without installing Outlook, the most accurate and best way is to use the Softaken OLM to PST Tool.

The conversion of OLM files into the PST file formats will probably be a problem if you just moved from Mac OS to Windows OS and wish to convert your Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook. Fortunately, there is a flawless and modern solution available: the Softaken OLM to PST Converter. We’ll guide you through the process of importing a Mac OLM file into PST format using an automatic conversion tool in this article.

Before we proceed with the OLM to PST transfer process, let’s quickly review what OLM and PST files are.

Outlook for Mac (OLM): Outlook for Mac stores mailbox contents such as notes, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other data in OLM files, which are data files. They do not work with Microsoft Outlook.
Personal Storage Table (PST): PST files are used as data files by Microsoft Outlook for Windows to store mailbox contents. They contain diaries, tasks, emails, contacts, and other information.

Reasons to Switch from Mac to Windows Outlook

  • Access to Windows edition-specific upgrades and advanced features.
  • Better Windows compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Improved stability and speed of the Windows system.
  • More compatibility with premium plugins and apps.
  • seamless platform syncing and interpersonal cooperation for Windows.

A Straightforward Method for Adding an OLM File to Outlook for Windows Email

Softaken OLM to PST Converter is a specialized software designed to make it easier to convert Mac OLM files to PST—along with all of their contents, including tasks, calendars, contacts, emails, attachments, and other data. Large Mac Outlook data files can be migrated with no constraints by users. For users of all skill levels—technical or not—this utility’s basic and easy UI makes the transfer process easy. The utility works with all Windows, Mac OS, and Microsoft Outlook editions. The software can work with all Windows OS versions, such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. Get the latest demo edition of this app to see the new features.

Additionally, a complimentary trial version of the OLM to PST Tool is provided. It has all of the features of the licensed edition and can be used for software evaluation. Likewise, the free OLM File Converter has a limitation in that it can only convert a limited number of OLM items to PST.

Detailed Instructions for Importing OLM Data into PST

  • Install the OLM to PST Conversion Tool on your Windows computer after downloading it.
olm to pst home window
  • Select files or folders from OLM that you wish to convert to Outlook for Windows PST format by clicking on the “Select Files” or “Select Folder” option.
  • Choose the PST output format from the Select Savings menu.
preview olm file
  • Pick the target folder where you want to save the imported PST files.
  • Click the Next tab to start the last stage of the OLM file transfer to PST format.
  • The conversion procedure will conclude with the appearance of a confirmation message.
convert olm to pst

Converting PST Files in Windows Outlook

The final step is to export PST files to Microsoft Outlook for Windows once you’ve successfully imported the Mac OLM emails into Outlook PST format. Take these easy actions:

  • Tap on MS Outlook on a Windows computer.
  • Pick “Open & Export” > “Import/Export.” from the “File” menu.
  • Choose “Bring in from a different application or file” and then press “Next.”
  • Swipe “Next.” after selecting “Outlook Data File (.pst).”.
  • After selecting “Browse” to locate the imported PST file, press “Next.”
  • Select the desired duplication management option and click “Next.”
  • Click the folder to import files from and, if required, enable the “Include subfolders” option.
  • Selecting “Finish” will initiate the import process. Outlook will import the data from the PST file, allowing you to access the contents of your Mac Outlook in Windows Outlook.

Highlighted Features & Capabilities of This Software:

  • The app can work with all Windows operating systems.
  • There is no need to install multiple email clients.
  • Support all MS Outlook editions, whether it’s a new edition or an old one.
  • Users can store their exported OLM files at the required location on the desktop.
  • Users can test the features of this software by downloading the free demo edition without any payment.
  • The app provides a full, smart view of OLM files before converting.
  • Users can load one or more OLM files at a time without any data size limitation.

Closing Phrases

Even though it could seem difficult, migrating from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows can be a straightforward process with the correct tools and assistance. You can transfer email data between platforms without any problems by using the OLM to PST Converter to simplify the process of importing an OLM file into Outlook for Windows. If you adhere to the recommendations in the remainder of this article, you’ll soon discover Outlook Windows’ many benefits.

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