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Easy Strategies to Download & Open PST Mailbox into MBOX Format

In summary, unless you are familiar with the technical aspects of the conversion, converting Outlook PST files to MBOX can be a bit laborious. We will provide you with a quick overview of both professional and manual PST to MBOX conversion methods in this article. Both techniques are successful in the conversion operation, but the professional solution (Outlook Converter) removes the difficulties in the conversion, and IT specialists strongly suggest it.

The mailbox formats that are thought to hold emails are PST and MBOX. PST can store information other than emails, like calendars, tasks, contacts, and more, but MBOX cannot. Let’s go on and talk about the rationale for users’ need to convert PST files to MBOX.

Need to Convert MBOX File From Outlook PST

The desire to convert PST files to MBOX files might be attributed to several factors. Take a look at a few of the more notable ones, which we’ve included below:

  • One of the main causes is that customers wish to transition from Outlook to another email client, such as Thunderbird, or they want to change employment from one company to another.
  • The likelihood of the PST file format becoming destroyed or corrupted is considerable. To save their data, users must convert PST files to MBOX. The conversion is required when users wish to access a PST file in their existing MBOX email client without Outlook (e.g., a backup file received from the internet, files provided by other colleagues, etc.).

Nonetheless, the primary justifications for converting an Outlook PST file to an MBOX file type are those listed above. Let’s now talk about the conversion process.

Techniques for PST-to-MBOX Thunderbird Conversion

There are several methods for exporting PST files into MBOX. The manual process of converting PST files to MBOX has been covered. The expert process that yields seamless and effective user outcomes is also described.

Let’s start with the manual approach now.

Method 1: PST Saving by Hand into MBOX Free

There are two phases involved in the manual PST-to-MBOX Thunderbird conversion process. Remove the PST files from Outlook first. Next, add PST files to the Thunderbird account on Mozilla. Let’s talk about the methodical procedure in more detail.

Step 1: From Outlook, export the PST files.

  • After installing Outlook on your computer, select the File tab.
  • Click the Import/Export icon after selecting the Open and Export tab.
  • Next, select Export a File from the Import and Export Wizard and click the Next button.
  • Click the Next button after selecting the Outlook Data File (.pst).
  • After choosing the PST file using the Browser button, click the Open button.
  • Finally, pick the extra features you want to use and press the Finish button.

By following the previously indicated methods, you can effectively remove the PST file from Outlook. Proceeding with the manual method, the subsequent step requires you to save PST to Thunderbird.

Step 2: Open your Mozilla Thunderbird Account and Import a PST File.

Let’s move through the stages stated below step-by-step.

On your computer, install the Mozilla Thunderbird program.

  • Click the Tools option after navigating to Display in the Thunderbird menu.
  • Select the import option and click on it now.
  • Next, choose the objects that require importation and press the Next button.
  • In addition, pick Outlook and press the Next button.
  • Finally, click the Finish button after your Outlook PST file has been successfully imported into the Thunderbird account’s MBOX file format.

Although the manual technique is straightforward and uncomplicated, its successful implementation demands technical expertise.

Although this conversion is a drawn-out and rather time-consuming procedure, there is a good probability that it will occasionally produce unintended outcomes when carried out in its entirety. Let’s talk about a few more of this manual method’s main drawbacks.

Benefits of Doing Migrations by Hand.

  • Overall, the manual transfer procedure takes a lot of time and is rather drawn out.
  • The manual process converts without attachments but is free.
  • The likelihood of receiving unsuitable findings is considerable.
  • It is advised that users possess a certain basic technological understanding.

The manual approach to converting Outlook PST files to MBOX format can have several potential drawbacks. Because of this, the majority of customers like utilizing specialized third-party software to convert PST files to MBOX, which is a superior option. Moving further, let us employ the second technique for converting Outlook PST to Thunderbird format.

Method 2: Expert Techniques for Converting PST to MBOX

Experts strongly suggest Softaken PST to MBOX Converter Software as the finest PST file converter. By using these tools, you can be confident that the emails will remain intact and produce no unwanted results during the conversion process. It does, however, carry out the entire migration procedure in addition to an attachment. The Outlook PST file is converted into several other formats, including HTML, MBOX, PDF, TXT, and EMLX. Let’s continue with the detailed instructions for converting PST to MBOX Thunderbird.

Detailed instructions for converting a PST file to an MBOX in a professional capacity

  • Install the PST converter program on your computer after downloading it.
  • Click the Next button after selecting the Single File/Multiple Files option.
  • Click the Open button after selecting the PST file from your computer. Click the Next button once more.
  • Choose the PST data file’s file folder from the tree structure. You can preview the attachments as well as the emails. Click the Next button after that.
  • From the drop-down menu under the Save/Backup/Migrate As option, choose the MBOX format.
  • To export or convert PST to MBOX file format, choose the path and press the Convert button.
  • Finally, to obtain the process details report, select the Obtain Report option.
pst conversion options

Final Judgement

The article above makes it rather evident that the expert way performs better than the manual method when it comes to converting PST files into MBOX format. The long and laborious method is far inferior to this program. So, take advantage of our expert solution’s free trial version and begin converting PST to MBOX format right away.

Commonly Mentioned Issues

Can I convert a PST file to an MBOX file without having to install Outlook first?
Yes, you can use the PST Converter software to convert PST files to MBOX format without having to install the Outlook program. In terms of quality, it is the most dependable and effective program.

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