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Actionable Ideas To Prolong Your Mac’s Lifespan

If you are a discerning user, you would surely want to own a Mac because of the amazing look and feel and incredible features that come with these devices. Although you may have to pay a tad more, these best-in-class machines are worth their price. However, you would want them to last longer to make the investment worthwhile. The good news is that Mac’s are known to have an excellent lifespan and you can even do some things to extend it. Here are some actionable ideas you can rely on for prolonging the lifespan of your device and ensuring that it works flawlessly year after year.

Office Macbook
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Invest in a solid-state drive

If you own an older Mac version that does not come with a solid-state drive, invest in one sooner rather than later. While the hard drive is cheap and has a good capacity, switching to SSD gives you a lot more benefits. It gets your Mac to the top levels in terms of performance so that it boots in seconds and is equally quick with file transfers. The machine will become more durable and last longer as well, so go ahead and make the switch right now.

Avoid cramping the drive

Though you may not be concerned about filling the device drive all the way up, this may not be a great thing to do if you want your Mac to last longer. Once it runs out of space, the drive experiences pressure as it is forced to re-write and re-organize new data. As a rule, make sure that 5-10% of your drive free is always free. You will notice the difference in terms of performance while an extended lifespan is a bonus benefit.

Declutter and organize

Apart from ensuring that your Mac’s drive is lightweight and healthy, you also need to keep the system clean and organized. A decluttered and well-organized device is easy to work with and stays with you for longer. It is recommended that you clean up the hard drive and desktop of your Mac regularly. Purge the files and apps that are redundant and also avoid storing duplicates. The lighter your device is, the longer it will last.

Don’t leave the charger on continuously

The worst thing you can do with your Mac is keeping its charger plugged in all the time because overcharging will probably do more harm than good to the system. It kills the battery, which isn’t great from the device lifespan perspective. Make it a rule to unplug the device once it reaches the full capacity and does not recharge until the battery gets low. Keep the battery 50% charged if you are not planning to use the system for some time. A full charge when out of use can lower the battery’s maximum cycle count.

Keeping your Mac clean and healthy inside out will make it live longer and get you the expected return on investment. Thankfully, you need not do much to doing so and these simple steps are enough to solve the purpose.

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