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Actionable Ideas To Prolong Your Mac’s Lifespan

If you are a discerning user, you would surely want to own a Mac because of the amazing look and feel and incredible features that come with these devices. Although you may have to pay a tad more, these best-in-class machines are worth their price. However, you would want them to last longer to make the investment worthwhile. The good news is that Macs are known to have an excellent lifespan and you can even do some things to extend … Read more

Regarding T2 security chips ‘blocking’ independent Mac repairs…

Is Apple’s T2 chip ‘blocking’ independent repairs of new Macs, or is it providing hardware based tamper protection to keep those Macs secure? There’s a lot of confusion going around about Apple’s T2-based Macs, including the iMac Pro (2017), MacBook Pro (2018), and brand new Mac mini (2018) and MacBook Air (2018) and the trade-offs they make between secu… iMore – Learn more. Be more.

The best USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 accessories for Apple’s new MacBook Air

Apple finally debuted its long-awaited new Retina MacBook Air last Tuesday. As many anticipated, the new MacBook Air drops all of its legacy ports in favor of USB-C. While the transition to USB-C is bound to be bumpy for some MacBook Air users, it also opens the MacBook up to a host of new accessories and peripherals. Read on as we roundup some of the MacBook Air accessories with USB-C & Thunderbolt 3. more… The post The best USB-C & … Read more