What is SeedBox

Why You Should Use Seedbox for Torrenting?

It appears like we cannot read today’s news without going through another hack or security breach happening on the internet. Suppose you are looking for added security on the internet, then your decision will come down to the seedbox and VPN.

Combining the use of seedbox and VPN can help you to download torrents at a faster rate when remaining anonymous & invisible throughout this process.


What’s Seedbox and How It Works?

Seedbox is a dedicated and high-speed server to download and upload different files. Many people rent out seedboxes to achieve fast torrent and Usenet transfers. Generally, you can see speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps on the seedbox.

Seeders who often share files on the torrent tracker are given faster download speeds. Bu, uploading these large files from your home connection consumes your upstream bandwidth and making you the big target for surveillance and throttling.

Using a seedbox makes you very difficult to find out because you make use of public IP addresses, which belongs to the data center. The data center computers & servers have got multiple protection layers to get through to reach an end-user.

Why do we need a seedbox?

  • It helps you maintain the privacy of the ISP.
  • Seedbox helps to sustain ratio on the private trackers.
  • Most of the seedbox providers offer a VPN that helps you browse anonymously on the internet.
  • You may directly stream the downloaded content with certain services like Plex.
  • It helps you in having the online storage for the data & seeds your torrents 24hours a day and 7 days a week and thus you don’t need to keep your system turned on all every time.

After knowing the advantages of using a seedbox, you would be thinking about how the provider offers all these facilities. Now, allow me to explain to you why will you need a seedbox in a bit more detail.

Think of the seedbox is a remote computer, which you may have in the offshore country and where torrenting is legal & can access the computer remotely from anywhere in the world.

With a seedbox, you can connect to the computer that has a fast internet connection as well as is used to download or upload torrents. It means you will get the fantastic ratios on torrent tracker & in turn, you can enjoy the download speeds of over 10 Gbps.

You may seedbox service through a torrent client’s interface. When you are connected, you may upload the torrent files to the seedbox computer. You can save bandwidth because though multiple users can download a file, you just need to upload this once.

For downloading, choose the torrent files that you want, and download it immediately on the seedbox. They may stay there on a seedbox to anonymously download on your personal computer when you want.

Most of the users upload torrents from seedbox through SFTP or FTP connection to prevent the tracking of the torrenting traffic. But, there is a better way of protecting yourself that is by using a virtual private network.

Why You Must Use VPN for Anonymity When Torrenting?

With a VPN, your internet activity will be sent through the encrypted channel to a remote server. The server then sends your request as well as retrieves data that you need and returning this to you in an encrypted form. Neither the ISP nor spying eyes will see what you are doing, how much of data you transmit or receive – and best VPNs use data compression techniques to trick the ISP about that as well. For torrenting, search for the VPN with tracking prevention, military-grade encryption, and kill switch. This important feature can immediately stop the data transmission if the connection to the VPN server gets interrupted, thus your data does not leak on the public internet.

VPNs are adding a little more sophisticated safety features to the repertoire. The multi-hop VPN encrypts the connection across two or more different servers in separate locations and gives you added security and privacy.

Lastly, ensure that you choose a VPN with fast connection speeds, and downloading the torrent file does not turn in a long project. That’s how there is a big difference between both Seedbox vs VPN.

Final Words

Even though you make use of a seedbox, getting complete protection must be your main priority when torrenting. While taking any necessary precautions, you need to put these concerns out of mind and only focus on getting files that you wan fast.

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