Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

Migrate OneDrive files to Google Drive – Step By Step Guide

Migration has always been a difficult task to handle, no matter which method users are using. Most of the time, users need help to recognize which is the perfect solution to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive without harming the data. Hence, there are countless solutions available for the users, but opting for the same is also challenging. If users wish to go on with the migration task, then they are asked to count on a trustworthy tool.

Most enterprises use OneDrive to store their crucial data, but since Google has launched this Google Drive, everyone wishes to proceed with this migration task. Google Drive comes with some advanced security features that attract many users to shift their data to Google Drive. Now that users wish to proceed with OneDrive to Google Drive migration task, they can go through the below paragraph.

What are the ways to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive?

Many users want to begin with this migration task but are looking for a perfect solution for the process. Now, there are two ways to commence the job: the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Both are available for the users; one can opt for their preferred technique. However, this is to clarify that it can be challenging for users to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive manually. The task will take ample time to finish, and it requires a lot of technical knowledge, too. The technique requires some technicalities, so the technical expert will only be able to begin the task.

Therefore, we suggest users go with the professional third-party tool, as it is the only way to get immediate results. Nowadays, users want instant results for their tasks, which they will only get with the professional tool. Professionally, the task becomes very easy, and not only the technical experts but also the non-technical users can begin the job on their own. It is easy to handle as the professional tool guides the users in every step, but choosing the correct tool for the process is also tricky for the users. Therefore, users should try the Shoviv OneDrive migration tool for the procedure. To get more details about the tool, follow the below paragraph.

Proceed OneDrive to Google Drive Migration with a manual approach

Now that we have explained the manual technique in the previous paragraph, there are still many users who believe in the manual method. Therefore, users go for the manual approach also, as earlier it was the only way to commence the task. Go through the stepwise procedure for the job.

Method: 1 – With the download and upload option

  • Firstly, log onto the OneDrive account and then move towards the folder that you want to share or transfer. Hit the download button, and then the downloading will begin.
  • Now look for the folder option and tap on that, then hit the download option and then on Upload.
  • Later on, a message will pop up on your screen. Hit the upload option, and then the uploading will start immediately.

Method: 2- With share option

  • Visit your OneDrive account, choose the folder, and hit the share option.
  • A link will be generated, and the users have to enter the asked details, like their Google email address, and then tap on the send option.
  • Now, the users will get an invitation in their Gmail account stating that a folder has been shared. Then tap on the OK option.
  • Lastly, the procedure to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive will be completed successfully by following the above-cited steps.

Which is the best tool to perform the task

To begin the task, we recommend to users one of the best tools, i.e., the Shoviv OneDrive migration tool. User search for tools that can easily migrate their data from OneDrive to Google Drive without any issues. Therefore, we came up with this solution so users can quickly proceed with the task. The utility will guide the users throughout the job and will make sure to finish the task successfully. Here, we are sharing some features of the utility so that one can know about the workings of the utility.

  • It migrates the data from OneDrive to Google Drive quickly without any glitches.
  • The tool can easily migrate from OneDrives to OneDrives/ local drive without consuming much time.
  • It has a very straightforward interface that makes the procedure very easy-going.
  • There is a filter option that allows users to select their preferred data for the migration process as per their needs.
  • The software also prepares a full report of the entire task so that one can go through every step of the procedure quickly.
  • There is also an option to schedule the task, as users can schedule their data whenever they want.
  • There is no size limitation, so users can add as much data as they want to proceed with the migration task.
  • Lastly, there is a free demo version of the utility available for the users. If users are unsatisfied with the mentioned features and want to know more about the tool, they can download this version and experience the facility of the tool.


In the above content, we have explained everything about the process and how users can migrate OneDrive to Google Drive quickly. Both the approaches, i.e., manual and professional methods, have been presented in the content. Apart from that, we have also shared the professional third-party tool that will help the users to commence the task instantly.

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