Enable FingerPrint in WhatsApp

How to lock Whatsapp with fingerprint – Whatsapp new Update

Enable Fingerprint in WhatsAPP

Whatsapp – the biggest messaging platform in both android and ios devices never fails to surprise the WhatsApp users by taking feedback from the users and work on that. Everyone loves privacy and doesn’t want any random to read their WhatsApp chats but unfortunately, there was no option to lock WhatsApp chat or lock WhatsApp with a pin or pattern. To lock WhatsApp chats, one has to install third-party apps to lock WhatsApp which sometimes doesn’t behave normally, and sometimes it provides access without a password.

Some modded WhatsApp apk like Gbwhatsapp are providing features of lock WhatsApp chat with pattern and due to this, they are getting popular among the WhatsApp users. This makes WhatsApp think about providing the feature of lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint. Unlike WhatsApp status, this is also a most awaited feature. You can learn how to download Whatsapp status videos on android phones without any third-party apps.

From several times, there was the news that WhatsApp is working on the feature WhatsApp fingerprint lock. Finally, the wait is over and WhatsApp had broken its silence and had added the feature to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint lock in WhatsApp beta version 2.19.221. Let us learn how to how to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint

Steps to how to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint

Currently lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint is only for WhatsApp beta users. If you had opted for WhatsApp beta program then only you can have this feature. There is an alternate method by which you can enjoy this feature on your smartphone.

  1. Firstly download and install WhatsApp beta apk – Whatsapp beta apk
  2. Now install it in your android phone
  3. Now click on three dots placed at top right corner and navigate to settings
  4. Now go to Accountsà privacy-à Fingerprint lock
WhatsAPP Fingerprint
  • Now turn to unlock with fingerprint lock-on and setup WhatsApp with fingerprint


I hope you like this article on how to enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock/lock WhatsApp with fingerprint if you had any problem in enabling WhatsApp fingerprint verification then feel free to use the comment section, we will help you to set up WhatsApp fingerprint in android phone.

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