New Osmo Action Firmware Released

DJI OSMO Action - New Osmo Action Firmware Released

What’s New on Latest DJI Osmo Action Firmware 15.05.2019 ?
Updated the EIS to RockSteady.
Added two second and five second timers to countdown in photo mode.
Optimized system sounds. 
Increased Wi-Fi connection stability. 
Improved Timelapse and HDR video quality. 

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Date: 2019.05.15
Firmware: v01.02.00.10
DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.1.0
DJI Mimo App Android: v1.1.0

If the update fails, restart Osmo Action and DJI Mimo, and retry.



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  1. Timesnaps says:

    Wish the stupid thing would just work as advertised. Sending it back, as the ridiclulous activation and app connection never work, and are really not needed. When they make a standalone product, that I can use straight from the box, without having to send half my phone details to DJI servers (and it still failing to work!) then I might buy another DJI product.

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