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New Osmo Action Firmware Released

What’s New on Latest DJI Osmo Action Firmware 15.05.2019 ?
Updated the EIS to RockSteady.
Added two second and five second timers to countdown in photo mode.
Optimized system sounds. 
Increased Wi-Fi connection stability. 
Improved Timelapse and HDR video quality. 

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Date: 2019.05.15
Firmware: v01.02.00.10
DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.1.0
DJI Mimo App Android: v1.1.0

If the update fails, restart Osmo Action and DJI Mimo, and retry.


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2 thoughts on “New Osmo Action Firmware Released”

  1. Wish the stupid thing would just work as advertised. Sending it back, as the ridiclulous activation and app connection never work, and are really not needed. When they make a standalone product, that I can use straight from the box, without having to send half my phone details to DJI servers (and it still failing to work!) then I might buy another DJI product.


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