New Mavic 2 Enterprise Firmware Released

DJI Released a new Mavic 2 Enterprise Firmware

What’s New on Latest Firmware for Mavic 2 Enterprise?

  • Added Panorama mode for the visual camera of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.
  • Users can now switch the flight mode to ATTI mode manually.


  • Date: 2020.01.17
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Aircraft Firmware: v01.01.0640
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Aircraft Firmware: v01.01.0640
  • Remote Controller Firmware: v01.01.0410
  • DJI Pilot App Android: v1.7.0
  • DJI Pilot App iOS: v1.1.3


  • If you need to update new firmware, it is recommended to use DJI Pilot app on Android system.
  • The update is only supported for Android system, DJI pilot app v1.7.0 is required
  • If the update fails, restart aircraft, remote controller, and DJI Pilot or DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic, and retry.

Source DJI Forum

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