Is it worth moving from an iPhone 7 plus to the iPhone X? Or better wait?

Is it worth moving from an iPhone 7 plus to the iPhone X? Or better wait?

The iPhone X has been the biggest evolution of an Apple terminal in years. Not only in design, but also in terms of use, since an element is lost, so far, essential: the Home button. Now, the screen occupies almost the entire front of the device in a contained size and, with face recognition Face ID, we find a new way to protect the phone. Undoubtedly, these are the two most important arguments to change terminals. But, if you have an iPhone 7 plus, is it really worth taking the leap?

Reasons to change the iPhone 7 Plus for the iPhone X

More screen in a smaller size

The screen of the iPhone X is 5.8 inches and has OLED technology. For its part, the iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inches. A priori, we could believe that the 10th anniversary smartphone is bigger than the 7 Plus, but no. And this is due to its borderless design, which makes it resemble an iPhone 7 or 8 4.7 inches.

Without a doubt, this is an important factor. Especially if you usually keep the phone in your pants pocket. If you like to wear tight jeans, you may have noticed that the iPhone 7 Plus limits the range of movement enough when walking or climbing stairs.

Best camera

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is one of the best we can find on a mobile device. But we must not forget that it came out in 2016 and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. As with each new generation, the photographic section of the iPhone X is better than that of previous models. It even has filters for the portrait mode that are not available in the 7 Plus.

In addition, the iPhone X also allows selfies with bokeh effect thanks to the True Depth camera and some of the part were driven by iPhone app development service. If your camera is already amazing, you have to see what the iPhone X Plus can do with three lenses.

Facial recognition

The Face ID is one of the star characteristics of the iPhone X. A facial recognition system that unlocks the device instantly. The iPhone 7 Plus features fingerprint recognition by Touch ID. Both methods are very reliable, and each one has its followers and detractors, but the Face ID will be the future.

More power

The processor of the iPhone X is the A11 Bionic, a brown beast that is able to cope with the MacBook (depending on the model) and defeat it. The iPhone 7 Plus is the A10 Fusion, which also offers excellent but more modest performance compared to its successor.

Here we get to the point of whether so much power in a mobile phone is necessary. There are people who believe that yes and another who thinks otherwise. Everything depends on what it is used for.

Reasons not to change the iPhone 7 Plus for the iPhone X


That the iPhone X is expensive is no secret. Any of the two available variants exceeds 1,000 euros. An important amount of money that not everyone can afford. And if you have already made the investment with the iPhone 7 plus, which has just over a year in the market, is “throwing money.”

New iPhone in September

If you want a new iPhone and you have the money to buy the X, you are entitled to do so. But remember that we are in June, three months after Apple presents its new iPhone, with better features and, possibly, “cheaper”. Buying yourself now, when you do not need it urgently, is ridiculous.

Make the jump, yes or no?

The iPhone 7 Plus is a smartphone that has not been on the market for two years and whose characteristics are still those of a high-end full-fledged. Although the iPhone X is superior in all aspects that does not mean that it is a mobile phone capable of perfectly functioning in any situation in 2018.

Taking into account that in September the new iPhone will be presented, in my opinion, it is not worth changing to the iPhone X if the 7 plus works well. If, on the other hand, you are suffering from problems that impede a fluid experience, you could consider the jump. It is very likely that there will be discounts for the new models.

And you, do you think it’s worth changing the iPhone 7 plus for the iPhone X? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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